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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Election Audit Updates:

The mission of Steve Bannon’s War Room has been focused on restoring election integrity for the past six months. As they have routinely said, none of the other policy matters are of consequence if Republicans are going to be cheated at the ballot box in every subsequent election. There are efforts underway across the country to restore election integrity, with Arizona being the most notable.

Arizona Audit: 

Arizona Judge Christopher Coury, who was overseeing the audit, recused himself when it was brought to his attention that someone who was previously employed in his office was working on behalf of the GOP. The question over the past few days has been: who will replace him, and what will their stance be on the audit? 

The individual responsible for naming the replacement for Judge Coury was Judge Pamela Gates, the wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates (not to be confused with the software developer and vaccine financier). 

Bill Gates and his office have been adamant in their opposition to the Audit, trying multiple times to get it delayed, suspended, or cancelled. If the presence of a former employee on one side of the issue is grounds for recusal, Judge Gates must immediately recuse herself since her husband is a public official who has been publicly opposed to the issue his wife now presides over. 

This individual gerrymandering of the legal proceedings fits into the broader narrative that we have seen employed by leftists in their crusade against election transparency. In the months following the 2020 General Election, every lawsuit from Trump, Sidney Powell, or Lin Wood was assigned to an Obama-appointed judge. In Arizona, Judge Diane Humetewa threw out Sidney Powell’s lawsuit the day after calling them in to present their case.  

New Hampshire Update:

As discussed last week, New Hampshire is selecting the auditors who are going to conduct the forensic analysis of the 2020 Election. Unfortunately, they have selected individuals who have no intention of working to restore election integrity, or who are unbiased auditors. One of the members selected to the board is Mark Lindeman, who signed a letter along with Elizabeth Howard of the Brennan Center for Justice, telling the Arizona Senate GOP to stop their audit efforts.

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino tweeted out a potential solution to the question, why are Democrats so scared of reviewing the election results? 

Police State Presence:

As the power of the surveillance state has increased, it has been increasingly weaponized by those in power against their political opposition. Obama used the IRS against the Tea Party, the FBI against the Trump Transition Team, and the DOJ against Trump’s supporters including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Carter Page. Biden was an active or complicit part in all of these abuses of power, neither him nor the departments who used government power for political purposes have been held accountable.

Why would anyone reasonably believe that they would not employ the same tactics again?

Within the first 100 days of his administration, Biden has proved that the abuses of the Obama Administration will be dwarfed by what he plans. Holding people present at the Capitol on January 6th in solitary confinement, without bail, and delaying their trials is a clear violation of every right promised to suspects in the Bill of Rights. 

The political targeting employed by Obama is to be continued as well, evidently. This morning, Federal authorities raided Trump ally and attorney Rudy Guilliani’s apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City. This was a tactic used by Mueller during his investigation, and seems to be allowed by the Court system as a justifiable violation of attorney-client privilege. 

To complete the Hat Trick of constitutional violations and abuses, seven FBI offices have been accused of using the National Security Agency (NSA) data surveillance capabilities against domestic U.S. citizens. In a report released on Monday, authorities used the capabilities of the NSA in pursuit of “right-wing domestic terrorists,” despite being previously warned that such action was strictly prohibited by the Fourth Amendment’s protections against undo search and seizure. 

In Other News: 

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