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Marxist Tactics 

The Government’s Coordinated Attack 

For so many, the government has served as the source of truth, hope, and moral authority for the past year and a half. What you can do, say, and even think have all been regulated by the ever-growing totalitarian bureaucratic administrative state. By April of 2020 articles like, “We Need Big Brother to Beat This Virus” were commonplace, signifying a dangerous willingness of the populace to surrender their rights for an illusion of temporary safety. The government has not accomplished this through Covid-19 alone; the use of government funds to enable rioters and looters last summer–as was confirmed this week–was equally instrumental. The government is not your savior. Rather, it is the mastermind behind all the attacks on the American way of life we are being bombarded with. 

Earlier this week, more than 360,000 messages from BlockBloc/Antifa agitators from 144 chapters nationwide were leaked. Although the mainstream and conservative media has ignored the existence of such a massive development in understanding the events of last summer, certain independent researchers and writers have been analyzing and publishing their findings. You can access these conversation records via pastebin here

Another Twitter user, @TeethLiberty, took the time to find which of the 2,076 users were on Twitter, banned, or never existed. You can download that excel spreadsheet here.

In his first substack post on the leaked conversations, Twitter User @APhilosophae, details how the Portland Government has given funding to the local militia to the tune of $100,000. He writes:

The PAALF [Portland African American Leadership Forum] is a Black run and managed organization now under 501(c)3 whose purpose is to help imagine what a black utopia in Portland would look like and then work towards its implementation. Honorable for those invested in creating black utopias across the globe. They also endorse and promote political campaigns all of which are, of course, Democrats. Here is their 2020 List.

PAALF also funds the Rose City Justice organization, a self-described “direct action alliance” which provides cover for the destructive attacks that have become synonymous with the city. This connection is confirmed in a July 17, 2020 letter to the Oregon State Council. You can view a full list of endorsements from the PAALF on the “Imagine Black” medium account here.

Although it may seem impossible, the government has chosen to fund potentially violent groups of anarcho-fascists while there has been a nationwide push from Democrat politicians to help Antifa out after they get caught in the act. Whether it is NY Representative, and head of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler denying even the existence of Antifa, or Vice President Kamala Harris asking for donations to bail out arsonists, looters, and even sex offenders. 

Not only is Antifa a very real organization, but they act much more like a guerilla army than a “grassroots social protest.” According to the chat logs, they deliberately engage in the same types of asymmetrical warfare commonly employed by the U.S. Special Forces. Examples of quotes from the aforementioned chat logs include: 

“We cannot possibly hope to defeat the largest police mobilization in Minnesota history with symmetrical warfare tactics, we must fight them on our terms. The state has nothing but time, we have nothing but numbers, we win by attrition.”

“The thing that’s lacking from last year is the variety of roles and the participation of people from outside the leftist milieu. Namely, there needs to be a more tactical approach to this protest instead of just using the aesthetics of militancy (the shield wall) without the actions that back it up (light mages, ranged attacks, fire mages, barricades.” 

The groups also engaged in After Action Reports (AAR) just as the military does after an operation. They learn from each encounter with the authorities, they are organized, their attacks are premeditated, and they have a stated goal to their violence. One user who goes by the name STRATTAC posted after one such engagement: 

We need to avoid specialized roles, we need to get ahead of the bad jacketing and white washing, we need to continue articulating why looting is good, why barricades are good, why throwing stuff at police defensively is good, we need to remind people that “be water” means we don’t stay stuck at one location but move and flow freely, staying out of reach of the law when we need to and crashing like waves on them when the opportunity strikes. We cannot possibly hope to defeat the largest police mobilization in Minnesota history with symmetrical warfare tactics, we must fight them on our terms. The state has nothing but time, we have nothing but numbers, we win by attrition. We exhaust them, we waste their time, we deceive them, we distract them.

Rather than dismissing these issues as fictitious, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Presley, and others encouraged the protestors to continue to provide cover for the BlackBloc insurgency. They were even able to secure over $1.39 million in a GoFundMe dedicated to paying the bail funds of those arrested in connection with rioting, looting, or insurgent attacks on official institutions. This has the direct result of both 1) incentivizing more people to engage in violent acts who would otherwise be deterred by being held by authorities, and 2) allowing those who are known offenders the opportunity to wreak more havoc. 

This is what Samuel Francis was referring to when he coined the term “Anarcho-Tyranny.” Anarchy for those aiding the state in their attempt to consolidate power and create one-world government, but tyranny for those who dare oppose them, think for themselves or live without relying on the government. Look how the Department of Justice treats disabled veterans with a clean record who were at the Capitol on January 6th versus repeat violent sexual offenders who burned down police stations and looted private businesses. One is held in solitary for months on misdemeanor charges, the other is bailed out from the same fund that the Vice President tweeted out. 

The Government is actively planning and executing the step-by-step destruction of America. It is important to understand that when dealing with any representative of governmental authority whether it’s local, state, or federal. 

In Other News

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. Joe Biden has refused to release documents related to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Families of the victims rebuffed him by telling him to stay away from the memorials. 
  2. On the same day that Pfizer announced a cash intake total of $2.8 billion in Q2 of 2021, the company says that booster shots, and vaccination of children will be necessary to end the pandemic. 
  3. Arizona State Senator Navarrete, harsh critic of the Maricopa Audit and friend of Kamala Harris, has been arrested for engaging in sexual acts with minor. 
  4. Dr. Kobi Haviv said on Channel 13 in Israel yesterday that 95% of severe patients and 85-90% of hospitalizations are fully vaccinated.
  5. United Kingdom’s transport secretary Grant Shapps told the BBC that Vaccine Passports will be required “forevermore” and that young people will not be allowed to leave the country without them. 
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