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Election Integrity 

NYC Proves The Point

For many outside the borders of New York City, the mayoral race was of no interest up until the date of the election on June 22, 2021. Even after, while the Board of Elections officials took exceedingly long to tally the vote totals thanks to their ranked-choice ballots, the average American continued to ignore the race in the democrat-dominated city. 

For those unfamiliar with a ranked ballot system, NYC was the first major city to use it in the United States, Yahoo News describes it as, “Instead of casting a single vote for a single candidate, voters in a ranked-choice system could select a set number of candidates in order of preference. In New York’s mayoral primary, voters were allowed to choose up to five.” 

The NYC Board Of Elections claimed that the issue was not with the process of Ranked Choice Voting but was rather caused by human error. Of course this is suspicious because during the 2020 General Election all of the glitches, mistakes, and suspicious activity was blamed on ‘human error’, including the infamous result changing “glitch” in Antrim County Michigan. 

One of the clearest messages from the mainstream media was that to question the official results of an election was absolutely unacceptable no matter the justification for doing so. Democrats, especially in NYC, parroted these claims. They argued vehemently that doing so was dangerous to democracy, and maybe even criminal behavior, but we have seen the exact behavior given the stamp of approval by the media.

What happened in the New York mayoral election that has caused such confusion? According to the local CBS News channel, election officials failed to remove over 130,000 sample ballots out before beginning the count. This was only noticed when people realized that the total number of votes that were tabulated were significantly higher than the total number of ballots cast. 

Eric Adams, currently leading Kathryn Garcia 51.1% to 48.9%, has filed a lawsuit seeking oversight of the tabulation of the ballots to ensure the honest count of ballots. Both campaigns reported to be filing a suit seeking a hand recount to confirm the results of the election after the week-long fiasco. 

None of this would be significant to those outside of New York City, except for the double standard compared to the Maricopa Audit and questions about the 2020 General Election broadly. 

Whenever Donald Trump, elected Congressmen, and Senators, or even individual citizens dared share their skepticism on the results following November 3rd they were lambasted as “undermining democracy.” Meanwhile, Democrat New York City Councilman I. Daneek Miller said,  “What’s happening now is really undermining the confidence and the integrity in our system and our democracy.”

So whenever Democrats question an election’s official results because there are irregularities it is in defense of democracy, but when Republicans question results on the basis of compounding irregularities it is deemed an attack on democracy. Remember that following the election the Pennsylvania Department of State Dashboard had posted more mail-in ballots returned than were sent out. 

Since Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano published that information there have been multiple attempts to discredit the claim, but the raw data was taken off of the website and has not been returned. Those who were able to download copies of the voter data before officials scrubbed the site have said that tens of thousands of ballots were returned before or on their send date which is clearly impossible. 

Project Veritas exposé on United States Postal Service (USPS) employees being told to backdate ballots, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally extending the period of accepting mail-in ballots, and other examples exist all within one state. Issues of this severity exist across the country, clearly, these irregularities justify skepticism under the reasonable person standard. 

However, the media continues to abuse the power afforded to them by way of their monopolistic stranglehold on the information flow. Through their constant omission, disinformation, and obfuscation of the truth American’s are left believing a false reality. 

Regardless of the issues present in the first trial of ranked-choice voting, the real lesson from the NYC mayoral race is that the American people’s memory is so bad Democrats are able to do whatever they want. Simultaneously blasting the Maricopa Audit, leveraging private and public pressure to halt such flagrant violation of our Democratic norms, while internally engaging in the exact same behavior in the Democratic Primary. 

Awaiting Maricopa Audit Results 

The much-anticipated conclusion of the Maricopa Audit has been delayed while the time reviews their findings in preparation for a public release. Even though it is completed, there is still political pressure trying desperately to get it to shut down. The District 5 Supervisor of Elections for Maricopa County Steve Gallardo issued a statement condemning the continued efforts and the President of the Arizona Senate for allowing the audit to continue. He wrote, “[t]he truth is, the fraudit being conducted by the Cyber Ninjas was never about good policy or good governance.  It continues to be about the “Big Lie,” making money for future GOP political campaigns, and sadly, damaging our democratic republic in the process.” 

Gallardo is not the only Democrat politician worried about the results of the audit, infamous obstructor and Secretary of State for Arizona Katie Hobbs is also concerned. She sent the following tweet yesterday in an attempt to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the effort. 

Even though Katie and Steve attempt to be dismissive of the audit, actions speak louder than words, and the underhanded efforts to get it discredited have not stopped. The latest tactic seems to be posing democrat operatives as canvassers representing the audit and then harassing citizens to publicly smear the initiative by association. 

Liz Harris, a volunteer for the Maricopa Audit and previous political candidate, spoke with the Conservative Treehouse regarding such tricks. The Conservative Treehouse writes,

Ms. Harris describes a very familiar tactic previously used by the SEIU operatives (purple orcs we called them), where they impersonate audit canvassers (and/or election workers) and actually do intentionally intimidate the voter (very aggressive).  The canvassed voter then thinks they have been intimidated by an audit worker and reports that conduct to the DOJ who in turn use that evidence against the audit team to file lawsuits.   We saw this exact type of operation carried out by the SEIU in Pennsylvania circa 2007 as the DNC wanted to keep the RNC under a consent decree (long story).  This is also how Bob Creamer operated when he was planting fake protestors in Trump rallies on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

While those who respect the process and election integrity wait for the results of the audit, it is telling who chooses to protest the unknown while claiming to know for sure the accuracy of the preliminary count.

In Other News

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  1. According to England’s Department of Public Health as of June 11 the “Delta” Variant has an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.1%.
  2. The Biden Administration bragged about saving $0.16 cents on 4th of July parties while gas prices rise to the highest point in 7 years.
  3. Sgt. Daniel Perry, an army soldier who killed an Antifa enforcer last July in self-defense, has been charged with murder and is being held on $300,000 bail.
  4. Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor released a report claiming that 168,000 Cobb County ballots lack chain of custody evidence, potentially voiding them.
  5. Bill Crosby was released from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found his Due Process Rights had been violated by the prosecutions conduct in his case.

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