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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Survival Dispatch exists with one goal in mind. Deliver common sense prepping solutions for a dangerous world. It is our objective to bring together the best minds in the survival community and bring their knowledge to our visitors.

We will showcase you as much as humanly possible by linking back to your blogs/businesses and presenting you to our growing audience as an expert in the field.

Now, we can’t offer a fortune at the start. We are able to pay $25 for most posts, and additional $5 for each quality image you can provide with your content. We aim for 10 or more photos per post, so you are looking at around $75 per post.

As the site grows and you become a faithful contributor, these rates will certainly increase. Will this ever be a full-time gig? Not likely, but if you are a blogger looking to make some extra cash writing about a topic you are passionate about, then this is the real deal.

Still interested? Great! To get started please:

  • send us an email at support@survivaldispatch.com
  • Tell us a bit about who you are, your experience in the survival world, and what you would be interested in writing about.
  • Send us some topics you have in mind as well as some of your previous work.
  • If what you have to offer is a good fit for our site, we’ll contact you to get started on your first post.