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How do I prepare for a natural disaster?
This article will get you started with eight steps to identify a plan of attack, and prepare the supplies and equipment you’ll need

How do I build a Mini Survival Kit?
In this video, Jon Faulkner breaks down a small but robust mini survival kit. Signaling kits, compasses, fire lighters, etc. are all important things to have in your small survival kit.

How do I build an emergency bug out bag?
In this video, Chris Jenson from Exotac shows us what’s in his “just in case” bag that he uses whenever he goes into the woods.

How do I get my significant other on board with prepping?
Keep their needs in mind, tone it down a bit, and gradually ease them into the prepping mindset. This article will give you additional ideas to make the process go smooth.

How do I “Bunker In” during a disaster?
Learn what it means to actually bunker in and the benefits of staying put to ride out most situations. Watch the video to see what gear you might need to make sure you are prepared to bunker in.

How do I survive with limited gear?
This is something every serious prepper should plan for. In this video Jon Faulkner, Chris Weatherman and Aaron Phillips share five items they’d personally choose to survive and thrive if SHTF.

How do I choose what items to barter with?
A fair trade with someone for items you frequently run out of for items you either have an abundance of or don’t use can be useful solution. This video will give you 10 great barter items to stock.

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