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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Warning: A Tactical Retreat is Underway by the WEF

The Backtracking on Vaccine Passports is a Trap to Lull You into Complacency

Conservatives and free people everywhere are celebrating victories around the world as leaders end or fail to deliver vaccine passport measures. Washington D.C., Israel, the United Kingdom, France, and even Canada will be dropping their Covid passport on March 1 after the all-important Freedom Convoy (more on that later this week).

This is great news, and all those who have been vocal in their opposition to the vaccine passport, or green pass, or whatever name it had in your city, state, or country should be proud of the defense of freedom we mounted as a collective. Unfortunately, the fight to defend our freedom is far from over. The fact all these governments decided to withdraw their restriction around the same time gives me cause for concern.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, and all of those working to bring about the Great Reset are not going to simply pack up and go home. Rather, this move is more than likely to lure people into a false sense of security. The truth is, they are nearer now than ever to recreating the world in their vision, regardless of whether or not we stopped the Covid-19 passports. 


Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson explained to Joe Rogan how people will allow terrible things to be done to them. The government moves one step at a time. You do it slowly, you push until the people protest and you wait for them to calm down and advance again. Do not stop protesting, do not let them create a new normal, do not become lulled into a state of complacency. 

Right now, governments across the world are working on something much more invasive than Covid-19 passports – digital currency. 

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, or Cardano, a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will be controlled by the government. You would have an account with the central bank of your country rather than a private institution. In the United States, that would be the Federal Reserve or in England the Bank of England. 

As the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System posted on their website, 

“Central bank money” refers to money that is a liability of the central bank. In the United States, there are currently two types of central bank money: physical currency issued by the Federal Reserve and digital balances held by commercial banks at the Federal Reserve.

You would get paid into your account, controlled and monitored by the government, in the form of a digital currency that would be “programmable.” What is the importance of this? The programmable currency could only be spent in authorized locations, on acceptable items, by individuals who had been approved by the government. 

As the Telegraph reported last June, 

The Bank of England has called on ministers to decide whether a central bank digital currency should be “programmable”, ultimately giving the issuer control over how it is spent by the recipient. Digital cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials or goods which an employer or Government deems to be sensible.

While this level of control of personal assets by the Federal government would never be appropriate, given the highly divisive nature of politics, and the willingness of Democrats to use the power of the state against their political opponents, this would spell the end of free America. If your assets can be frozen because of your beliefs, non-criminal actions, or social media posts you live in a communist country, not a free one. There are no ifs, and’s, or buts about it. 

In Canada, we see the power of the state has been turned against those supporting the non-violent protest, even those who simply donated to the GoFundMe/GiveSendGo fundraising campaigns. As the Daily Wire reports

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday that Canadian federal law enforcement has already begun cracking down on the financial accounts of individuals suspected of aiding “Freedom Convoy” protesters.

Freeland said in a press conference that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has referred a number of accounts that have subsequently been frozen by financial institutions. Freeland deflected a question on whether the frozen accounts belonged to any of the donors to fundraising campaigns on the platforms GoFundMe and GiveSendGo.

The establishment of a CBDC will usher in a social credit system equivalent to the Chinese Communist Parties in power, violation of rights, and suspension of political freedom. 

If you were caught on camera in DC on January 6th, even if you did not break any laws, your assets could have been frozen without due process. You have no rights, to a fair trial, a jury of your peers, representation, habeas corpus, or anything else because you have not been charged with a crime. The administrative state is the judge, jury, and executioner – without accountability or oversight. 

If you posted on Facebook in the summer of 2020 that cloth masks were essentially useless at preventing the transmission of Covid-19 you were banned for misinformation. If you had your bank with the Federal Reserve, your assets could have been frozen or seized, for something that 2 years later, they admit to being true. 

If you agreed with the World Health Organization (WHO), that quarantining healthy people was an indefensible public policy position to take, your assets could have been frozen or seized, for disagreeing with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), even though the WHO turned out to be correct. 

There is no excuse for any government to have this kind of power. Just because we beat them at the passport does not mean they are giving up. The WEF is directing a tactical retreat. They are attempting to lull freedoms defenders to sleep, establish a centralized digital currency, and usher in a digital dictatorship via financial tyranny. 

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