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by Survival Dispatch Staff

A Concerted Attack on Western Civilization

How the Fall of Kabul Aids The Fall of America

The tiring monotony of covering the institutional, governmental, and most significantly bureaucratic, failure in these two areas is as necessary as it is exhausting. The reason being, the establishment has made them beachheads of their systematic attack on the West. Combined with systematic election fraud and totalitarian censorship, these 4 issues combine for the horsemen of their planned apocalypse. 

Each of these serves to usher in different aspects of the new world order which is inherently anti-American. Covid creates a China-Esque social credit system, election fraud prevents them from being held accountable, censorship prevents the people from organizing resistance, and the failure in Afghanistan imports an army to expedite their destruction of America. It will be impossible for the American populace to mount any resistance against the march towards a post-modern technocracy if we do not recognize the plan in action. 

This afternoon, the last U.S. planes departed from Afghanistan, meaning not only is the war over, but the United States government has evacuated approximately 10,000 Afghanistan citizens while leaving Americans to face the Taliban alone.  The admission by General McKenzie that there were hundreds of Americans left in Kabul strongly contradicts the statement of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when she said “It’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not… we are not leaving Americans.” 

While Jen Psaki’s statement could certainly have been true had the U.S. Government acted in accordance with its moral and legal obligations to its citizens, it turned out to be categorically false, for no reason. During the escape from Kabul Airport, the United States evacuated mostly non-American’s on mostly empty planes. As the Daily Mail reported

Overnight, the US only put 2,000 people on 18 C-17 planes – an average of 110 per flight. This despite a single C-17 being used on Sunday to fly out 640 Afghans because the crew refused to leave them behind. Just a fraction of that number has made it onto the most recent flights, despite the US pledge of 9,000 per day. In one shocking case, a German plane with room for 150 departed Kabul on Tuesday with just seven onboard

Had the Biden Administration been unable to get all the American’s out before the August 31st deadline, that would have been a catastrophic failure. The truth is even worse. According to a letter by Senator Ron Johnson, to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, he claimed 400 US citizens were turned away because “the rescue was over.” 

Further implicating this Administration for their treasonous handling of the evacuation of Afghanistan is their treatment of Operation Pineapple Express. Our State Department, headed by the same Antony Blinken, spent many hours, resources, and diplomatic efforts blocking the efforts of retired U.S. Special Forces to voluntarily exfil their fellow citizens. 

Further solidifying that he does not belong anywhere in the government, Antony Blinken’s State Department was handing out blank copies of visas in Afghanistan for people that were being flown into the United States. Without a barcode or serial number, there is no way to know who they were intended to be for or to confirm that they match the identity of the person gaining admittance to the United States. 

As the Washington Examiner reported

“The threat of having Islamic State or al Qaeda come into the country is not increased through the southwest border, […] It’s the entry of al Qaeda and Islamic State in the groups of refugees that are being taken out of Afghanistan and possibly to the United States because of the lack of vetting procedures that would normally go on to expedite getting all of these people out of Afghanistan,” said Kenneth Gray, a senior lecturer in the Fire Science and Emergency Management Department at the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

While normally it takes weeks, months, or even years for the consequences of bad government policy to the surface, Biden has been hit with a bit of “instant karma” for his handling of the evacuation. According to a Washington Times exclusive earlier today, “A man who’d been convicted of rape and had previously been deported from the U.S. was allowed to board an Afghan evacuation flight and reach America, according to law enforcement sources. At a time when American citizens are having trouble catching flights out of Kabul, Ghader Heydari made it on an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees.”

Although the conclusions may be unfathomable for those who wish to believe in the persistent goodwill of the U.S. Government, it is undeniable at this point that we have either a government actively pursuing the destruction of the country, or one so incompetent it appears that is their goal. With systematic failures at every turn over the last 4-month retreat through Afghanistan, failure to control the city of Kabul even after the Taliban offered it to Marine General Kenneth McKenzie, and a seeming desire to leave as many Americans behind as possible our government appears to be looking for ways to fail. 

This is the same group of people who want to establish a global vaccine passport program, control your children’s education from two years old to twenty-two and usher in a New World Order. They clearly have no respect or reverence for everyday Americans, their livelihoods, or our freedoms. Rather, they seem dedicated to undermining our freedom regardless of the human or financial cost. 
Our government left Americans to die, imported rapists and terror threats, and still felt the moral authority to control everyday Americans’ lives. Remember that. As Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense said, “government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

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