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by Chris Weatherman


political warning

Democrats Want to Remove Greene From Committees

In the Democrats desire to purge and punish anyone who supported Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is still in the crosshairs. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered an ultimatum to Kevin McCarthy on Monday that she be removed from all committee assignments, or they will bring it to the House floor. The options the Democrats are using include censure and expulsion. The mere idea that the Democrats can decide who in the Republican party can hold seats on a committee sets a dangerous precedent.

Trump’s Impeachment

Both sides are currently preparing for the second impeachment of former President Trump. The Democrats are determined to punish the former President and anyone that supported him. However, it is still unclear to many whether or not the former President can even be impeached. Impeachment is a Congressional action for politicians only. A civilian cannot be impeached.

Concern Mounts Over Active Duty and Veterans

Active-duty personnel and veterans make up six percent of the population. But some are growing concerned over the number of these two groups that participated in the protest on January 6th. Twenty-one percent of the participants that day were veterans. Of the 150 people arrested so far for participating in the protest, 21 were either active duty or veterans. Two National Guardsmen and two Army soldiers were among those arrested. Along with service members, law enforcement officers are also paying the price across the nation. Many have been suspended, terminated, and even arrested for their participation in the protest. In 2021, opposing ideas will be rooted out and punished.


Oregon Law Decriminalizing All Drugs Goes into Effect

Measure 110 will decriminalize all drugs, including heroin, cocaine, meth, and oxycodone. The measure focuses on the idea of rehabilitation instead of incarceration. If caught with any of the above-mentioned narcotics, the defendant will be issued a $100 fine that will be waived if the defendant completes treatment. This is the first such  measure in the nation and will surely be closely watched by the rest of the country. The measure will roll out over the next decade.


conflict warning

U.S.S. Donald Cook Buzzed by Russian Fighter Jet, Again

On January 31st, a Russian fighter jet performed a low-level pass of the U.S.S. Donald Cook in the Black Sea. Such events occur regularly with both the Russians and Chinese using the act in a feeble attempt to flex their muscles. Tensions have been increasing for years between the U.S., Russia, and China.

Myanmar Coup

The military in Myanmar has, once again, seized power. The last time was in 1989 in a brutal crackdown that saw thousands killed. That event lasted until 2011 when a shaky coalition government was formed. Under military rule, the nation saw several changes for the better. Myanmar was once a very repressive society that saw several overall improvements. And it’s those changes that will make this coup much more difficult. Social media didn’t exist then. When the current coup was initiated, the internet and phones were cut for a week. This caused serious issues in society as ATMs and credit card processing was unable to function. A year-long state of emergency has been instituted.

Iran Installs Hundreds of Centrifuges

Hundreds of advanced centrifuges have been installed in the Natanz facility. These new centrifuges are larger in capacity which will surely speed up Iran’s nuclear program. Iran announced that the same number and type of centrifuges are also being installed in the Fordow facility as well.

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