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by Survival Dispatch Staff


China’s Aggression Continues

More than 200 Chinese fishing vessels have anchored in the Julian Felipe Reef for the past two days. The reef, in the West Philippine Sea, is within the Philippine Exclusive Zone which makes this an act of aggression. Former Philippian Supreme Court Justice Antonio Caprio said that this mobilization by China “could be a prelude to occupation.” 

Chinese Shipping Vessels Anchored in Line Formation at the Julian Felipe Reef

It is assumed that the private vessels are full of maritime militia and had anchored at the reef on the directions of the Chinese Communist Party. This follows in a long list of actions sanctioned by the Chinese government testing international borders, violating international law, and daring the Biden Administration to stand up to them. 


Political Persecution Continues

For those who want to expand the power of the state, in order to use it against their political opponents, the events of January 6th have been a blank check. The Feds have been scooping up anyone with ties to the event, holding them without bail, extraditing them to D.C., filing for continuances to prolong pretrial holding, and violating all the protections guaranteed to the accused in the Constitution. 

Head of the DHS Alejandro Mayorkas

The latest scheme comes from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), headed by Alejandro Mayorkas as an established member of the corrupt intelligence community, which has been proved to have engaged in unethical behavior for political allies. 

According to a report from Politico, the DHS is considering using the No-Fly List to punish conservatives who turned out to support President Trump on the 6th. This would allow the government to punish private citizens for their actions protected by the First Amendment without due process. It is possible to appeal the decision, but there is no burden of proof for the DHS to put anyone on the list. 


Election Fraud Being Investigated

Jovan Pultizer Testifying on Election Fraud in Georgia in December

Yes, I know what you are thinking: Another useless recount by another corrupt bureaucrat not meant to uncover the truth of the November election. Actually, there are real efforts underway by honest individuals in at least three states, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin, to effectively recount and audit the election results.

In Arizona, the State Senate has embarked on an ambitious goal of hand recounting all 2.1 million ballots they received. In Georgia, under the direction of Jovan Pulitzer—who has been fighting for election integrity since day one and who even hacked into the Georgia Runoff election live during a hearing in front of the Georgia state legislature—has called for volunteers to rescan Fulton County ballots. Yesterday in Wisconsin, the State Assembly passed a resolution initiating an investigation into the 2020 Election which gives them subpoena power. 


5 Headlines to Watch

  1. Wuhan Municipal Health Commission’s own data proves COVID originated in Wuhan.
  2. Oakland has passed Universal Basic Income for low income families, unless they are white. 
  3. North Korea tests two more missiles. Biden fails to react.
  4. The FBI was suspicious of the source leading to Gen. Michael Flynn, but the investigation continued anyway.
  5. Despite the mainstream media, most voters blame the ongoing border crisis on Biden, not Trump.
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