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by Chris Heaven

The INERGY FLEX platform of power stations are the most versatile and modular power stations on the market.

Scroll down for our review of the INERGY FLEX 1500.

10 reasons why Survival Dispatch promotes INERGY

  1. American owned and operated company
  2. Products are designed by American engineers
  3. Quality Assurance / Quality Control is done in the factory by American engineers
  4. Support team are based in America and speak fluent English
  5. Outstanding warranty coverage, unlike many foreign power station companies
  6. Scalability that allows you to expand your storage capacity as your budget allows
  7. Unmatched, metal housing/construction durability
  8. Multiple ways to charge: AC wall outlet, DC car port, solar panels and the ability to use all of those methods simultaneously
  9. EMP Shield devices available to protect your electronics
  10. Extreme protection for wet, temperatures and dust/sand

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