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by Chris Weatherman


Trump Impeachment V 2.0

The House has submitted the case for Trump’s second impeachment. Trump will set two firsts in this second trial. He will not only be the first President to be impeached twice, but he will also be the first President to be impeached after leaving office. That shows the level of hate the Left has for Trump. Historically, when a President leaves office, all is forgiven in a sense. Not this time. This time, the Democrats want revenge. Not only is this impeachment a historical moment for the fact Trump is no longer in office, but there may also not even be legal grounds for an impeachment. Legal scholars are split on whether Trump can even be impeached.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is traditionally responsible for presiding over impeachment trials. However, Chief Justice Roberts stated he wasn’t comfortable presiding over the impeachment of a former President. In his place will be Senator Leahy (D-VT) who is presently president pro tempore for the Senate and it is this position which typically presides over impeachment of non-presidents.

Janet Yellen Confirmed

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen has been confirmed as the Secretary of the Treasury making her the first woman to hold the job. Yellen was also the first female Chair of the Federal Reserve.


The World Economic Forum Kicked Off Monday

The theme for this year is “The Great Reset.” You know, the term that the media has been saying is a conspiracy theory? It’s real enough, and you’ll be hearing about it soon enough. This year’s event is virtual because, you know, ‘Rona.


MSM in a Dither

Several MSM (Mainstream Misinformation) is in a dither that the DOJ and FBI are considering not charging some of the more than 800 people accused of illegally entering the US Capitol on January 6th. Not only are they purposefully misrepresenting the event—continuing to call it an insurrection—they are also, naturally, blaming white privilege for those that may not be charged. The reason some may not be charged is simple: they didn’t do anything wrong. One statement from a DOJ representative said, “If an old man says he entered the Capitol because someone let him in and when he left someone let him out, he really didn’t commit a crime.” But that is not enough for the Left.

Here is an example of the type of language used by MSM: “Another of the gossamer thin justifications reportedly being built to let a portion of this mass of largely unrepentant lawbreakers completely off the hook is that the hundreds of potential cases could ‘swamp’ the federal court system.” Notice the use of the term, unrepentant lawbreakers, just save that for now. 

Here is another section from Microsoft: “But the unspoken and most obvious reason for this alleged dithering is that the people who made up the mob—many of them armed, military trained, or otherwise employed and paid by taxpayer dollars—are beneficiaries of white privilege, which seems to allow some people to take over a federal building and participate in an insurrection that caused the deaths of five people, including a police officer, and still face virtually no consequences.”

Now, earlier I said to note the term lawbreaker. In the section above, we can see that those that may not face charges are only benefiting from white privilege. They further go on, in a bold face lie, that many of the protestors were armed. That simply was not the case. But note, the writer of this piece, Ishena Robinson, had no problem with the lawlessness that burned across the U.S. over the summer. No, those lawbreakers were using their voices to protest peacefully. It’s funny how “law and order” the Left became when they saw some folks on the Right break the law. This is one of the clearest examples of the “do as I say, not as I do,” mentality of the Left.

Chicago Teachers Threaten (Defacto) Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union says its members will not return to the classroom on February 1st as they have been ordered. The district ordered 10,000 K-8 teachers back to class, but the union is crying foul and claiming because of COVID it is unsafe to do so. Negotiations have been dragging on with the union offering more and more objections. The district says it expects the teachers to be back in class on the first. The union has other ideas.


Eyes on Russia

Vladimir Putin has been President of Russia for 20 years. But things are not looking so good in Russia today. The nation is seeing numerous and sustained protests over the jailing of a Putin critic, Alexei Navalny. With the Russian economy in dire condition, these current protests are more of a conviction of Putin’s policies than about a single arrest. This will not be a good year for the Russian people. It is highly recommended that you keep an eye on Russia as things worsen there, Putin, like many politicians, may look to war in an attempt to unify the country.

An Unhappy China

China is not happy with other nation’s sending ships or aircraft into the South China Sea. They are complaining to the international community about Freedom of Navigation missions conducted by the U.S. Navy and others as invading their territorial waters. The U.S.S. Roosevelt was the latest carrier to conduct such a mission. China’s Zhao Lijian stated that the US’s efforts to maintain international waters as not conducive to peace and stability, adding, “The United States frequently sends aircraft and vessels into the South China Sea to flex its muscles. This is not conducive to peace and stability in the region.”

Greece and Turkey

After nearly getting into a conflict over the boundaries of territorial waters, Greece and Turkey will set down to discuss the conflict in Istanbul. Greece recently expanded its territorial waters out to 12 nautical miles, double what they previously claimed and in line with the limits recognized by international law.

North Korean Diplomat Defects to South

Rhy Hyan Woo, acting ambassador to Kuwait, has defected to the south. He and his family arrived in South Korea in September 2019, and it is only now being revealed. When asked why, Rhy stated, “I wanted a better future for my child.”

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