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Semi-Burners, The New Burner Phone

by Grayman

Anonymous Phone Usage …

Much like a burner phone, the idea is to have a smartphone that can’t be traced to you via Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

This doesn’t mean it cannot be tracked via GPS but rather it can be operated with anonymity.

  • Buy an unlocked phone from a retailer using cash. (Don’t buy from a service provider). Do not enter a contract nor provide PII.
  • Unbox, leave phone powered off. Insert a microphone blocking plug. Place an adhesive camera blocker over the front and rear cameras, (duct tape, foil tape, etc).
  • Go to a public WiFi access. Power on phone. Setup accounts using a new email address and again providing no PII.
  • Disable all invasive features such as device error logging, GPS, NFC, bluetooth, location sharing, health tracking functions, etc. Delete all bloatware apps.
  • Purchase a data SIM card. Not a standard SIM with cellular phone plan. Use apps for communication over internet protocols.
  • Power phone off, remove battery if possible, and place in Faraday bag when not in use.

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