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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Spooky Season in Australia 

Australia’s Abuse, Corruption, & Technocracy Experiment Continues

The plan for this Friday SitRep was always to address the pilot program currently underway in Australia. If you doubt that the goal of other countries, and especially the United States, is to follow the model punctuated by militarized police beating citizens for not wearing a mask outside, you have not been listening to the American Left for the last year and a half. 

On Wednesday, the Twitter account for Remove Ron, Inc released a trailer for their upcoming movie called the “Florever Purge.” It attempts to paint Florida Republican Governor in the most negative light possible, which according to their ad means he respects bodily autonomy, believes citizens can make their own decisions and rejects government mandates. 

The media has blasted Gov. Desantis nonstop for the entirety of the pandemic, yet has ignored the improprieties of Democrat Governors with alarming regularity. Governor Cuomo, despite being forced out over sexual assault allegations, never faced the media’s wrath in relation to forcing thousands of Covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes, likely resulting in many unnecessary deaths. Governor Whitmer of Michigan engaged in similar activity, while also breaking her own travel restrictions. Perhaps no one engaged in as much “do as I say, not as I do” behavior as the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. 

There seems to be an unholy alliance between leftist leaders and abusing the power their position affords them. There is no better example of this than Australia. From top to bottom in the Australian government, there has been an unfettered use of force, manipulation, and government abuse relating to the Covid-19 virus. In the laughable attempt to eliminate something as benign and resilient as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the entire country has seemingly lost sight of what Human Rights are. 

In an act of what could be mistaken for parody, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week in which he said, 

Freedom of faith, freedom of expression. Respect for human rights, and combatting disadvantage, discrimination and persecution based on disability, gender, religion, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity. These are the liberal democratic values which underpinned the UN at its inception. These are Australia’s values. We believe they should remain the guiding principles and values for the UN into the future. The alternate path of lowest common denominator transactionalism and relativism is a dead end. The UN is the prime custodian of the rules-based order.  It is also the custodian of mechanisms for dialogue and adjudication which buttress them. It has a challenging task ahead of it. For Australia’s part, we will continue to practice what we preach.

Simultaneously, while the PM was inside, in New York City, at the United Nations, without a mask on, his militarized police force was beating, arresting, and pepper-spraying peaceful protesters outside for not wearing a mask. 

Rather than watching and analyzing individual clips of each abusive act that has been caught on tape, the video demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Australian government. 

The state of living for law-abiding citizens in Australia should be a warning to citizens of every nation of how quickly their rights can be eroded by the government under the guise of their own protection. Historically, any power taken by the government is not returned without a concerted effort on the part of the citizenry. 

As we covered in Mondays SitRep, the Canadian government has now admitted to turning its propaganda techniques inward on its own populace. While government officials like Gavin Newsom, Scott Morrison, and Justin Trudeau consistently violate their own mandates, they disseminate propaganda to their own people to scare them into obeying said mandates. 

Scott Morrison was right in his speech, respect for Human Rights is the bedrock of a free society. Unfortunately, he and other liberal leaders have continually engaged in behavior to undermine their constituents Human Rights. 
As Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” This time may soon be upon us if we do not correct the course of Western society.

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