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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Targeted Harassment of Those who Donated To Rittenhouse’s Legal Defense Fund

Threat Level: Orange

WIthin this story, there are several implications regarding the cultural war being waged against conservatives in the public sphere by the mainstream media, Big Tech, and public figures. 

The reasoning given by Twitter and others for not covering the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal was that trafficking hacked material violated their community guidelines. Earlier in 2020, however, there was no attempt to suspend the account of the New York Times for publishing Donald Trump’s tax returns, which had been illegally leaked to them, or any of the accounts who shared related stories. 

Yesterday, a data breach revealed the identity of individuals who had donated to 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund. The group, “Distributed Denial of Secrets,” shared the results of their hack of Christian crowdsourcing platform GiveSendGo. This includes a paramedic in Utah who had an ABC News reporter come to his door and interrogate him, as if this action justified news coverage. 

A Sergeant in the Norfolk Police Department has been fired following an investigation into his $25 donation, accompanied with a supportive message for Kyle. In his public address of the issue, Norfolk Chief of Police Larry Boone made the following statement, “I am aware of the allegations leveraged against an officer of this department and have directed an administrative investigation to ensure department policies and procedures were not violated.”

Upon the announcement the department was terminating Sergeant Kelly, the office released a statement saying that his actions, “erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve”. Neither the City Manager nor the Chief of Police would disclose to the media which policy William Kelly violated by his donation. 

Despite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s explicit admission of wrongdoing in censoring the Hunter Biden story, on top of allowing the Trump tax return stories to percolate on Twitter, they are still employing the same partisan criteria in order to decide what is permissible. Sharing hacked material is now acceptable if the victim is on the political or cultural right, but it is completely unacceptable if on the Left.

The hypocrisy of Twitter and comrades is not limited to illegally obtained documents or information. Whenever conservative commentators like Steven Crowder address public figures, like Trans-Activists, in a way which platform content moderators deem as unacceptable, he receives a strike for doxxing. 

These same platforms, in concert with the mainstream media, have allowed for Sgt. William Kelly’s name to be dragged through the mud for a private donation to a legal defense fund; which was only made possible because of widely disseminated hacked information. Either of these actions, doxxing or sharing hacked material, would warrant a deplatforming if the offender was on the Right. But since the victim is on the Right, Sergeant William Kelly gets left out to dry.

Election Integrity Fight Continues

Threat Level: Red

The importance of ensuring free and fair elections for future cycles should be the focus of every conservative, and everyone who wishes to see our Constitutional Republic survive. Despite the disappointing and miniscule attempts to correct the past election, some GOP-controlled state legislatures are taking matters into their own hands regarding audits, reform, and oversight. 

The biggest fight currently underway is in the fourth largest county in the United States, Maricopa. The Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Never Trumper who has strong financial ties to both the Clinton’s and George Soros, has been attempting to reverse the Arizona Senate’s decision to audit the 2.1 million votes cast in November. The Senate picked the auditors from outside the state election office, and the Board of Supervisors has denied the auditors ability to perform the audit within their facility. The Senate announced they had secured a facility larger than 20,000 square feet in order to conduct the “complete and detailed” audit of the ballots. 

Democrat Legal Activist Marc Elias

There is outside resistance as well, most notably Soros’s lawyer Marc Elias who works for the infamous law firm Perkins Coie which was complicit in the transaction between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and Christopher Steele in fabricating “The Dossier,” which was the foundation of the Mueller witch hunt. George Soros has given more than $10 million to Marc and the organizations that employ him. The Soros-backed activist group Protect Democracy Project has threatened the auditors in Arizona along with Marc Elias, and two additional law firms, Coppersmith Brockelman and Barton Mendez Soto. 

Other states are also continuing their investigation into the integrity of the election, and possible solutions, including Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. One of the latest to join the fray was New Hampshire which has authorized an audit of the 2020 General Election ballots. Authorities have said that the audit should take 45 days, and they will release the results to the public upon the completion of the investigation and audit. The selection process of the team to conduct the forensic audit will take place next week, and it should give a good indication on how serious the local governments are taking the investigation. 

In Other News

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  1. Judge Peter Cahill suggested before the verdict was read that CA Rep. Maxine Water’s comments are most likely grounds for a mistrial. 
  2. Biden signed an executive order granting the government power to restrict citizen’s rights upon the accusation of collaboration with the Russian government, including the accused persons children and spouse. 
  3. Senior aides to both Republican’s and Democrats in congress anonymously said that the conviction of Chauvin has eased pressure on Congress to pass police reform legislation. 
  4. Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, says that racism is an ‘American problem’, consistent with the CCP propaganda of the past 12 months.
  5. According to an anonymous ICE agent, the Biden Administration has directed authorities to censor what information they record upon the capture of illegal aliens as to prevent the public from knowing the extent of their criminal behavior.
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