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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Burying Their Own Incompetence 

Using Mandates to Erase Afghanistan 

For those who are interested in understanding the impact scandals have on political futures of individual politicians, Afghanistan has to be a particularly confusing situation. One of the largest international embarrassments in our nation’s history, the abandonment of American citizens not only in Kabul but across the country, and the seeming deliberate armament of the same force we had been fighting for 20 years. 

Predictably this created a massive hit to the current Administration’s approval ratings and competence within the eyes of the citizenry. It even undermined the legitimacy of the administration to the point that 40% of democrats believe the president should be impeached according to Rasmussen. The same poll showed that 

Only 38% of voters think Vice President Harris is qualified to be president, 25% say she’s very qualified, and 33% of Democrats believe she isn’t qualified at all. The poll was conducted Aug. 30-31 of 1,000 likely American voters.

It was not just the botched withdrawal that cost American service members lives, presumably American civilians their lives as well, and the American taxpayer $83 billion more, in addition to the trillions already spent in Afghanistan. The equipment we left for the Taliban costs more than 6 brand-new Aircraft carriers would. 

After we lost our service members in a suicide bombing, many felt enraged that we didn’t strike back immediately and commandingly. Whenever we finally did, Biden told us we killed the ISIS-K member responsible for planning the attack, when in reality they had killed an aid worker who used to work with the American troops and 7 children

The incomprehensible yet infuriating destruction of the entire withdrawal effort continued at home whenever Biden was at Dover Airforce Base in Colorado. During the Dignified Transport of the Fallen, Biden checked his watch in what the gold star families called “the most disrespectful thing they had ever seen.” 

Being United, Cannot Stand

For the first time in years, there seemed to be a cause that rallied together people of both sides of the political aisle. If we have learned anything about the current political machine, it is that unity among the people is not allowed. Stoking the divide along political, racial, socioeconomic, and gender lines has been the go to move for the establishment since the Occupy Wallstreet movement. The reason being, the only real threat to their power is a unified population against their corruption. 

Therefore it was of the utmost importance that the elites take their failure out of the public consciousness. In order to achieve that, they decide to divide people on another line, vaccination status. This is why Biden gave the deeply unamerican speech that American citizens were going to be denied freedom of movement, food and water, and almost every service that has become integrated into our daily lives. The theoretical leader of the free world said, 

The Department of Labor will require employers with 100 or more workers to give those workers paid time off to get vaccinated.  No one should lose pay in order to get vaccinated or take a loved one to get vaccinated.

Today, in total, the vaccine requirements in my plan will affect about 100 million Americans –- two thirds of all workers. 

And for other sectors, I issue this appeal: To those of you running large entertainment venues — from sports arenas to concert venues to movie theaters — please require folks to get vaccinated or show a negative test as a condition of entry.

They buried incompetence with government overreach. If it is impossible for you to comprehend the possibility that the federal government could get away with mandating private companies forcing their employees to get the vaccine right after leaving “thousands” of Americans to die in Afghanistan, you are not alone.  

The only thing that allows for the political establishment to manipulate the public consciousness with the iron fist that it does, is their absolute control over big tech, social media, and corporate press. Within 24 hours of Biden’s speech announcing these unconstitutional mandates, the mainstream media hacks were already carrying his water and trying to dissuade opponents from attempting to prevent his totalitarian plan from taking effect. 

NBC News published a piece, “Republican threats to Biden’s vaccine mandates unlikely to succeed, experts say” which claimed, 

Legal experts, however, said those lawsuits are most likely — but not certain — to fail, due to wide-ranging powers that the Constitution and decades of administrative law precedent have established. […] 

Generally speaking, public health powers are delegated to the states, experts said. But the Constitution also gives the federal government broad powers to regulate certain matters when it perceives that states and localities are not able to do so, or are doing so inadequately.

In this case, experts explained, Biden’s mandates pass muster because he is filtering them through the lenses of workplace safety and through the Constitutional language of federal spending powers.

This is of course a poor attempt to defend an indefensible position. There is no question that the mandate Biden put forward to take people’s eyes off of Afghanistan is not constitutional, the mistake that conservatives are making is falling for the bait. 

Of course this mandate should be fought, the 24 State Attorney Generals should throw everything they have into the fight in the court system, but conservative pundits, candidates, and supporters need to continue to address the cataclysmic collapse Biden, Milley, and Blinken orchestrated in Afghanistan. 

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, everyone can understand the disaster that Afghanistan was from an international affairs perspective, and the national security concerns it creates moving forward. It is imperative that conservatives continue to show how the elite, not the moderate democrat voters, are the threat to our freedoms, and to America. Afghanistan is the most effective way to do that, which is why they will do anything to keep you from talking about it.

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