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Stolen Elections?

Maricopa Report and Fulton Evidence 

While the findings are not completely official, those in charge of the Maricopa audit felt confident enough to provide a preliminary report to the President of the Arizona Senate, Karen Fann, on Thursday. Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, Liaison to the Arizona Senate Ken Bennett, and Ben Cotton is the President, CEO, and founder of Cytech Services testified as to the procedure they had used, what they were doing to wrap up the audit, and where the results stood at the time. 

For the months leading up to yesterday’s first public confirmation that discrepancies had been found, the Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice, and even former vice president Joe Biden himself have been threatening those involved in the audit in an attempt to shut it down. 

What exactly was it that the establishment was so worried about conservatives and patriots finding that would drive them to such lengths? We finally have an idea. 

According to Liz Harrington, a personal spokesperson for President Donald Trump, 74,243 of the mail-in ballots that were tabulated on November 3rd lack any evidence they were ever mailed. Doug Logan dropped this bombshell during his testimony yesterday which Liz posted on her Twitter feed. 

Although that individual total of potentially invalid ballots is orders of magnitude more than the margin of victory for the state it is far from the only evidence which the audit found and was brought to light yesterday. 

The panel also announced that 3,981 individuals voted despite registering after the October 15 deadline, 11,326 people who were not on rolls on November 7 but were on December 4 voted, and there were 18,000 people cast ballots then were removed from rolls after the election. These numbers total over 100,000 ballots which could have been counted even though to do so violated election law. 

The total margin of victory for Biden in Arizona last year was 10,457, meaning the number of problematic ballots identified by the Maricopa audit is exponentially higher than the necessary number to alter the outcome of the election. 

These findings are certainly shocking to those who were not deeply invested in the investigations into the 2020 election, however, according to election security expert Jovan Pulitzer, there are even bigger findings to come from the audit. He released a video after the conclusion of yesterday’s hearing in which he said

In something this big, where there are over 2 million ballots and you have 1,500 people working on them, think of that as a big spread, big feast that everything has to dive into. What you saw today of course will make you drop your jaw. All I can say right now is don’t think today was it because you only got served the aperitief which is the smallest of all the appetisers. There’s more to come.

The inability of election officials to quickly and accurately tabulate election results has plagued the United States since the primaries for the last general election, with the latest example being the democratic mayoral primary for New York City last month. To the point the United States is now an international laughing stock, the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer defended Germany’s election integrity by saying, “we don’t have a situation with voting machines that we may know from the US. The actual voting procedure at the polling station is old school.”

Fulton County Fraud

Maricopa is far from the only county which has been embroiled in accusations of posting fraudulent totals for the November 3rd election. Fulton County Georgia has been plagued with accusations, and a significant amount of evidence, including video of election workers scanning ballots 4 times. 

VoterGA sued election officials in order to gain access to the election records in order for them to verify, which was granted to them on May 21st. The files are available to the public in order to verify anything that officials have claimed, is filed in lawsuits, etc (you can access all 32 GB of election records here).

Doug Logan explained that each batch of ballots is accompanied by a total sheet breaking down how many votes each candidate received. The problem is that VoterGA found 7 sheets that listed a total of 0 ballots for Trump. The probability of so many hundreds of ballots being all for one candidate is so small that standard calculators cannot calculate it, but is something close to 1.9 -211

Perpetual Lockdowns

The Isolation Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The Daily Mail ran a piece, which began, “Up to 60,000 people in England could die from flu this winter because so few people have immunity due to lockdowns, warns report.” This follows on the heels of reports from New Zealand that children are falling ill with dozens of illnesses as they come out of lockdowns because their immune systems have been compromised. 

There are a few lessons that citizens who want their lives back must learn if they haven’t already, or else they will never return to pre-lockdown life. First of all, quarantines are meant, and always have been, exclusively for sick AND symptomatic people. Second, the lockdowns were never about spreading Covid, they were about controlling the populace both physically and mentally. Third, now that the power structure know’s fabricated public health crisis can be exploited to expand their executive power there will be a persistent need for more lockdowns. 

How do we know the third one to be true? This headline, also from the Daily Mail, just three years ago proves the point, “Killer flu outbreak is to blame for a 42% spike in deaths in January after 64,000 people died.” Are we to believe that the public health experts and journalists all have memory loss? No, rather there is a coordinated effort between the entities to continue to stoke the fire of fear within the population so that the government’s emergency session of unlimited power can be extended indefinitely. 

The current fear-mongering by the United Kingdom’s government based on the Delta variant is equally misleading and frightening. The United Kingdom is currently administering 1.2 million PCR tests per day, which on top of being extremely unreliable, is more than the rest of Europe combined (1.1 million). With so many tests, even assuming they were accurate, it follows the number of positive tests is going to be higher than any other country in Europe. France is administering the second most with under 350,000 (less than ⅓ the number in England). 

The truth is, it has never been about slowing the spread, saving lives, or any of the other lies that we have been told. It has been about establishing a technocracy, making money, and brainwashing people into voluntarily offering their rights up to their respective governments. 

In Other News 

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. Florida Governor Ron Desantis is selling merchandise including shirts sporting the phrase “Don’t Fauci My Florida”. 
  2. Israeli Health Officials have said that the Pfizer Vaccine is much less effective than previously thought. 
  3. Texas Democrat State Representative Joe Moody was stripped of his role for his involvement in the trip to DC by Democrat lawmakers earlier this week. 
  4. Jen Psaki said that the people will die if the Government is not given the ability to censor social media. 
  5. The HMS Queen Elizabeth has suffered an outbreak of Covid cases among its completely vaccinated crew.
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