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by Chris Weatherman

Democrats Seek Wealth Tax

In their efforts to attain mythical “equity” status for the nation, the Democrats are wanting to pass a wealth tax that would add a 2 percent tax to households worth $50 million or more plus a 1 percent tax on all holdings over $1 billion. While to many this sounds like a great idea, it’s essentially a punitive tax for people that have been successful. Rand Paul warned against this idea of class warfare, saying, “The class warfare people need to get a grip on what happens. When they take over, we become Venezuela, and I don’t want that for our country either.”

Arizona Voter Case Being Heard by Supreme Court

On March 2nd, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich urged the Supreme Court to affirm the state’s electoral integrity laws are in line with the Voting Rights Act. Arizona has provisions for early voting, in-precinct voting, and limits on ballot harvesting. Democrats are claiming these all violate the VRA. Their argument, naturally, falls back to the tired old trope that these provisions disenfranchise minorities. 

In a stunning statement that demonstrates just how distorted the Left’s view is, Justice Sotomayor said the following in oral arguments, “If you can’t vote because you are a Native American or a non-Hispanic in areas where car ownership rates are very small, where you don’t have mail pickup or mail delivery, where your post office is at the edge of town and so that you require either a relative to pick up your vote, or you happen to vote in a wrong precinct because your particular area has a confusion of precinct assignments, if you just can’t vote for those reasons and you’re not—your vote is not being counted, you’ve been denied the right to vote, haven’t you?” 

Later, the perfect rebuttal to this absurd statement was made, “if socioeconomic factors lead to underutilization by minorities, that’s not a recognizable factor under Section 2 because it’s got to be the voting practice that causes the diminished opportunity.” 

So, to the Left, if you’re poor you should be able to vote in any manner and that voting laws should not apply to you because you’re poor. Or if you’re not white.


Texas Lifts Mask Mandate, Orders Immediate Opening of All Businesses

Governor Abbot of Texas has lifted all mandates on residents of Texas. All businesses can open at 100 percent capacity on March 10th. The mask mandate is gone. However, local judges are still empowered with instituting restrictions should cases surge. It’s refreshing to see a politician that believes people can make their own assessment of the situation and act accordingly. 

The entire idea of the State stepping and commanding obedience to draconian measures like masks and business closures should have had the American people up in arms. Sadly, the fear apparatus is so effective that we see decrying actions such as Gov. Abbot’s, that place responsibility on the individual. Most people are too afraid of personal responsibility and will beg the government to do it for them. Good on you Gov. Abbot!

Dr. Seuss has Been Cancelled

It’s hard to imagine that just six years ago Michelle Obama sat with a group of school children and read them a Dr. Seuss book. Much can happen in six years. Six Seuss books will no longer be published because of “racist and insensitive imagery.” But, if we look closer at this, the real reason is obvious. Former First Lady Melania Trump gave Dr. Seuss books to a Cambridge Mass. Elementary school. That’s the real reason Dr. Seuss must be canceled—Trump liked them.

War on the Right

Just in case you’ve missed it, we’re at war. You may think you’re not, but trust me, your enemies think you are. There is a war. A world war that is consuming the globe, and it’s not nation against nation. It’s ideas against ideas. France recently outlawed what they call a far-right anti-migration party, Generation Identitaire, who work to prevent migrants from entering the country. Germany just designated the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) as a suspected extremist group. In the U.S., anyone to the right of ANTIFA is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic Nazi. 

The punishment for wrong-think is de-platforming, doxing, job loss, and your reputation destroyed. People have committed suicide over baseless allegations. But these rules only apply to the Left. The Right is expected to “fight fair” and any time a Leftist is doxed they gnash their teeth and shout their mantra, “it’s not fair!” Wake up to the reality. You are at war. 

If you do not believe this, consider that the FBI admittedly has more insight into Far-Right groups than it does Far-Left. And the Department of Justice (DOJ) still considers the Far-Right to be the greatest threat to the nation. There are white supremacists on the Right. Just as there are black separatists on the Left (though the SPLC just removed the latter from their watchlist to focus on the former). However, the claim that white racism is the root of every single pain in the nation is feeding into the Left’s attempts to push the country in the direction of Progressive Socialism. And that must be fought at every chance, no matter how small the issue.


Goods-Sector Jobs Tumble in February

January saw bigger than expected gains for the sector, and February looked promising for additional growth as well. However, when the numbers came in, it underperformed with just 117K jobs added—well below the 205K analysts anticipated. At best, the recovery to the labor market can be described as sluggish.


Iran Answers Biden’s Airstrike with Rocket Attack

On Wednesday morning at about 7:20 AM local time, 10 122mm Arash rockets rained down on Al Asad Air Base which houses western personnel. One civilian contractor died of a heart attack. No other casualties were reported. This is the same base struck in retaliation for the air strike that killed Soleimani and marks the fourth attack in three weeks.

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