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by Survival Dispatch Staff


War on Republicans Continues

The FBI arrested disabled retired Army Sergeant Kenneth Harrelson for his involvement in the Capitol protest on the 6th of January. According to his wife, they failed to present a warrant before removing her from their home in order to search it after handcuffing her husband. Angel Harrelson has also alleged that the government has frozen her family’s bank accounts making it almost impossible to pay legal fees, or feed their two children, while waiting for Kenneth’s arraignment. Angel was also fired from her job following the reporting of the story last week.

Silver Lining: State Files Motion to Delay

It’s easy for the tyrannical state to act with brazenness in the exercise of their power of detainment. However, whenever the prosecutors were tasked with making these grandiose charges against republicans who were in D.C. on the 6th stick, things came less easily. The Department of Justice filed a motion to delay on the morning of March 12th asking for 60 days to build a case. As said during the investigation, “likely, the most complex investigation ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

Translation: their case has been built on sensational media coverage and innuendo, nothing more, and they want to avoid embarrassment.


Ongoing Chinese, American, and Taiwanese Relations

The Indo-Pacific theater has become the focal point of international relations, economic development, and, most likely, area for future conflict. Taiwan, in particular, has become the sticking point for both Chinese and American diplomats. A Department of Defense official said, “We are not looking to reposition large numbers of troops, in large vulnerable concentrations… We want to get the virtues of massing without the vulnerabilities of concentration.”

These movements suggest that the diplomatic relations may not be going as smoothly as the media has been suggesting they are.


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