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America and Cuba 

When Does a Government Become Dictatorial 

Approximately 90 miles off the coast of Florida, there is a fight for freedom against the totalitarian communist regime oppressing the people of Cuba. American corporate press has colluded amongst themselves to stifle any coverage of the freedom fighters efforts. For those aware of the conditions the people in Cuba have been subjected to for years, their revolt seems long overdue despite the praise from Michael Moore and other American communists. 

Jen Psaki’s answer regarding the current situation in today’s press briefing drastically understates the situation: 

“Well, I will say first, and I meant to say this in response to Jonathan, but there’s every indication that yesterday’s protests were spontaneous expressions of people who were exhausted with the Cuban government’s economic mismanagement, and repression,” Psaki responded. “And those, these are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in Cuba, not people in another country. I’m saying that because I think there have been a range of accusations out there, as you well know.”

The New York Times (NYT) decried the protestor’s chant’s of “Freedom,, and other anti-government slogans. This unfortunate mistake on their part shows the NYT’s true political ideology that freedom is bad, and the government exists to reduce the freedom of the people rather than protect it.  

What is it that makes a regime so unbearable to continue living under it that a population would rather choose a violent revolution? Political persecution of dissidents via Kangaroo Courts, the militarization of the government, and denial of basic civil rights like freedom of speech. Where have these infringements taken place? Cuba is not the only correct answer. The United States is also correct. 

The systematic imprisonment, abuse, and denial of bail by Federal Judges for the January 6th defendants is clearly a case of political prosecution if compared to the arsonists, looters, and rioters that plagued Kenosha, Portland, and other cities throughout 2020. We have already covered multiple times the unjust arrests of Purple Heart recipient war heroes, their children, and elderly women all with clean records. 

One such example we covered from American Greatness is the case of Kenneth Harrelson.

The FBI arrested disabled retired Army Sergeant Kenneth Harrelson for his involvement in the Capitol protest on the 6th of January. According to his wife, they failed to present a warrant before removing her from their home in order to search it after handcuffing her husband. Angel Harrelson has also alleged that the government has frozen her family’s bank accounts making it almost impossible to pay legal fees or feed their two children while waiting for Kenneth’s arraignment.

These political prisoners are then held in solitary confinement, denied their constitutional Due Process rights, and unjustly held without bail on charges such as “unlawful picketing on government property.” These ridiculous charges are supported by such compelling evidence as an unassembled LEGO set of the Capitol and loudmouth pundits such as Lincoln Project co-Founder Steve Schmidt saying that “the Capitol riot is a more dangerous event for the future of the United States than the September 11 terrorist attacks were and is likely to cause more deaths.”

Part of the American tradition has been the use of the Judicial system to settle disputes between conflicting parties. This process no longer is an option for conservatives contradicting the corporate media narrative, as evidenced by Guiliani’s likely lifetime ban from practicing law in the state of New York, or the sanctioning hearing earlier today for Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. 

In the hearing, held in the Court of Obama-appointed judge Linda Parker, the state and plaintiffs questioned the veracity of certain affidavits within the 900-plus pages attached to their complaint. Although this may seem legitimate, the law does not require any such evidence to be submitted with a complaint, and Judge Parker denied a trial or even an evidentiary hearing, yet questioned their evidence in a sanctioning hearing. 

The Biden Administrations’ promise to create a strikeforce to increase the vaccination numbers, the occupation of Washington D.C. for months on end under the vague threat from “Trumpers,” and the ideological purging of enlisted troops is clearly an effort to control the military by a political body. In so many totalitarian states, the military is used to control the populace either by threats of violence or acting on those threats if they prove ineffective. Whether it was the Soviet Union’s “Prague Spring” of Czechoslovakia, Kim Jung Un’s North Korea, or any other country where “Freedom” was deemed an anti-government saying, the military was used to keep the people down and the regime in power. 

The exact same thing that has happened in the U.S.S.R., Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,, and the United States, is happening in Cuba as well. The Castro regime has deployed special forces across the country in response to the Cuban People’s demands for freedom from communist totalitarianism they have been subjects of for too long. 

The people of Cuba are finding it difficult to rally international support due to the globalist media’s refusal to paint communism in a negative light. They criminally underestimate the numbers of people protesting against the regime and misalign their motives incorrectly claiming they are protesting over lack of Covid tests and vaccines. The truth is, the people in Cuba are tired of living under the boot of communism, they are tired of terrible health care, economic opportunity, and lack of development similar to East Germany versus West Germany. The government has stifled their ability to communicate by cutting off internet access, similar to how Big Tech has followed the government’s demands to censor and deplatform Conservatives for one of any number of offenses. 

The Freedom-loving Cuban’s are not going softly into the good night regardless of how “anti-government” their beliefs are deemed to be by the New York Times. Freedom-loving American’s should take note of their struggle, encourage their politicians to support the Cuban people’s fight for freedom, and guard against the dangers of communism here in America.

In Other News 

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. A doctor on CNN said that life is too easy for unvaccinated people and that the government, corporations, and individuals need to make it harder to live your life without getting the jab. 
  2. Veteran and former NFL Running Back Jake Bequette launched his campaign to unseat RINO Senator John Boozman in Arkansas
  3. Unrest has broken out all across South Africa as armed citizens take the responsibility of protecting themselves into their own hands amid continued incompetence on the part of the police. 
  4. A side effect known as “Covid Toes” has been discovered in relation to the mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer according to The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
  5. The United States Air Force tested “kill web” technology in their war games according to a test pilot who took part in the exercise. 
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