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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Biden has launched a war. Not on Putin, or Russia, or any other enemy of America. President Biden has launched a war against the American people. His weapon is executive orders, the battlefield is energy prices, the objective is the destruction of the American middle class. 

As American families struggle with soaring prices at the pump Biden has repeatedly refused to boost domestic production. Without any sense of irony, Biden has begged OPEC to sell him more oil to make up for the deficit of American oil production. This punishes American consumers and also endangers American energy, food, and national security. 

After becoming energy independent under President Donald Trump for the first time in decades, Biden immediately made America more vulnerable upon being sworn into office. The first official act of his administration was to suspend the Keystone XL pipeline. He went on to suspend drilling on government land, outlaw fracking, and end the Michigan 5 pipeline. Yet, Biden allowed the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany to go ahead, making Europe reliant on Putin while simultaneously making Russian oligarchs hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The United States has close to a trillion barrels of oil within our grasp. Energy independence, as we saw under Trump, is easily attainable. Biden would rather rely on the benevolence of authoritarian regimes like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia in the middle of a supply chain crisis. 

There is no rational justification for this. Green energy activists, like Biden’s transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, want to see the United States transition away from gas cars. They support the banning of domestic production because they see it as a step towards their idyllic “green future,” the problem is that in reality, it does nothing to affect the demand for gasoline in the United States. Since the daily consumption remains the same, the federal government must negotiate with hostile governments, enriching our enemies, all to produce the same product we could be producing in America, making American families better off, and securing our energy supply for decades to come. 

These liberal, green energy activists have decided that foreign, authoritarian oil is preferable, the American consumer is being gouged at the gas pump. Don’t be fooled by their attempts to shift the blame either. Biden, Psaki, and their allies in the corporate media have repeatedly blamed the energy prices on Putin and his actions in Ukraine. This is false. 

First of all, gas prices have been rising steadily since Biden was inaugurated over a year ago, see the list above of policy decisions that he made that caused the price increase. Second, the “ban” on Russian oil that Biden signed was something he wanted to do, not was forced to do, plus the ban does not take effect until the end of next month. Yet another example of this administration’s virtue signaling to the warmongers on both sides of the aisle that only harms the average American citizen. 

The truth is even the climate-activist-left should support domestic production for oil for two reasons since our dependence on oil is inescapable. From their perspective of reducing emissions, natural gas procured and refined in the United States burns 40% cleaner than the oil we are currently replacing it with from Russia. Second, the principle of energy security and energy independence is a vital issue to both our national and food security, both of which are in peril currently. It makes no sense for the left to continue to advocate against the domestic production of oil and natural gas, but unlike America’s supply of natural gas, no one ever accused the left of being rich in common sense. 

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