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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Hopelessness: A Totalitarians Favorite Weapon

The pandemic has been characterized by people who are aware of the government’s long history of abuses against its citizens warning everyone else what is going to happen, the left accusing them of being crazy conspiracy theorists, and the predictions coming true in a few months. The process has been repeated through forced vaccinations, vaccine passports, camps for the unvaccinated, and the latest conspiracy theory to be proven true? Unending boosters. 

The Israeli Professor Arnon Afek, the deputy director at Sheba Medical Center, said, “but it seems that we will need to take a fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh doses — who knows how many. But it’s fine, we’re lucky we have them, not every country in the world has vaccines.”

While Professor Afek assumes that we are lucky to have the vaccine, lockdowns, and other measures to fight the pandemic, is that a justified belief? If we compare all-cause excess mortality for seniors from 2020 to 2021 it presents reasonable doubt. 

Whether or not this excess is caused by the vaccines, the lockdowns, or the suspension of all non-essential medical procedures is irrelevant. It shows is our approach in 2020/2021 has been flawed from the start and at every level. Regardless of the objective failure of their response to Covid-19, the government continues to push forward with the same policies. 

The policies forced on the citizenry are not only unsuccessful but also unpopular. Good Morning Britain posted a poll on Twitter asking their followers if the government should mandate the Covid-19 vaccine. It had been taken down in less than 4 hours after 90% of respondents said “No”.

Autonomous citizens do not believe the government possesses the authority to force drugs, with no long-term clinical trials, into individuals’ bodies. The United States Senate barely recognized this on Wednesday when they voted 52-48 to repeal Biden’s federal mandate. In less than 24 hours, Jen Psaki assured us that former Vice President Biden would veto the bill if it reaches his desk. A clear statement he cares nothing about your health, your rights, or the will of the governed. When it comes time for his State-of-the-Union address, and you hear the empty platitudes of a government for the people and by the people, remember he does not believe it. 

This is why we mustn’t allow ourselves to ignore the happenings at all levels of government until it is election season. Even though popular opinion, the federal court system, and data on excess mortality agree that government mandates have objectively failed, this administration is going full steam ahead. 

Those making policy right now do not care about your health, because the data is clear that public health has only been harmed. So what have these policies achieved? Profits for billionaire pharmaceutical giants (one of which built the Wuhan Lab of Virology as we covered here). Centralization of power by every national government. However, the most concerning is the precedent that government power supersedes individual rights. 

As the former Democrat mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste, start planning for the future.” His brother, Ezekiel Emmanuel the vice provost for Global Initiatives at Perelman School of Medicine, was named to Biden’s Coronavirus response task force. 

What global initiative could be underway for the future was furthered by the pandemic? I will leave you to figure that out. (Hint: it starts with “W” and ends with “EF”.

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