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SitRep 01.24.2022

by Survival Dispatch Staff

Trust – But Verifying Is A Crime

The Criminalization of Debate Guaranteed Medical Malpractice

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, information not from the pulpit of the federal public health bureaucracy has been targeted by Big Tech, vilified by politicians, and decried as criminal by pharmaceutical companies making record-setting profits. The pandemic has created a financial and political opportunity for all of these entities, as well as the individuals who comprise them, which is the definition of a conflict of interest. As early as April 1, 2020, there were medical studies on the likelihood of successful treatment of Sars-CoV-2 with Ivermectin, yet it is still impossible to find a pharmacy able and willing to fill a script for the extremely affordable drug. Even with the longstanding history of safe use of ivermectin, the fact it was included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of essential medicines, and clinical support for its use federal and state authorities have continued to threaten doctors who prescribe it with legal action and the revocation of their medical licenses. 

How have these entities been working together? You have Heads of State, such as Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, using their position on a daily basis to advertise the pharmaceutical company’s products that have been authorized for emergency use by the bloated public health apparatus. There is a chance however, that maybe these institutions are working in tandem to serve the people, and perhaps the coincidences listed above are just that, coincidences? 

In an October 2021 study from Columbia University’s Spiro Pantazatos who has a Ph.D. in Psychiatry and Herve Seligmann released a research paper titled “COVID Vaccination and Age-Stratified All-Cause Mortality Risk” which found, 

Vaccination correlated negatively with mortality 6-20 weeks post-injection, while vaccination predicted all-cause mortality 0-5 weeks post-injection in almost all age groups and with an age-related temporal pattern consistent with the US vaccine rollout. Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021. Notably, adult vaccination increased ulterior mortality of unvaccinated young (<18, US; <15, Europe). Comparing our estimate with the CDC-reported VFR (0.002%) suggests VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20, consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias. 

The authors reference the same phenomenon we have documented for the past 8 months, that Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems (VAERS) are extremely inaccurate and only catch a small percentage of actual adverse events. This deficiency has been documented for close to 30 years. The 1996 MedWatch study on VAERS conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered that.

Another major concern with any spontaneous reporting system is under-reporting of adverse events. It has been estimated that rarely more than 10% of serious ADRs, and 2-4% of non-serious reactions, are reported to the British spontaneous reporting program30. A similar estimate is that the FDA receives by direct report less than 1% of suspected serious ADRs.

Yesterday in a Senate hearing on the pandemic response, vaccines, and adverse events Attorney Thomas Renz testified that multiple Department of Defense (DoD) whistleblowers had, under oath, signed declarations stating that according to military data they had seen a 300% increase in miscarriages and cancer among service members and a 1000% increase in neurological disorders. Mr. Renz had previously published the data he had received, that came from Project Salus which reports medical data to the CDC from the DoD on a weekly basis, on October 1, 2021. The report indicates that by the week of August 7th of last year, 71% of cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals, and 60% of hospitalizations were fully vaccinated.

As the Federal government continues to mandate more and more doses of this vaccine for the military and other federal employees, while attempting to do the same for private citizens, no one has proposed a pause in order to look at this new mRNA gene therapy drug. Despite the best attempts of Drs and informed legislators, the stranglehold of the public health bureaucracy, Big Pharma, and Big Tech have successfully prevented the data above from making its way into the public consciousness. 

As The Times of Israel reported,  

Prof. Arnon Afek, the deputy director of the Sheba Medical Center, said on Monday that a fourth vaccine dose appears to be an inevitability. Afek said “[…] it seems that we will need to take a fourth, and fifth and sixth and seventh doses — who knows how many. But it’s fine, we’re lucky we have them, not every country in the world has vaccines.”

As more mandates, like the trucker one at the southern border, are enacted for a vaccine that has almost no statistical difference on your likelihood of spreading, catching, or dying from Covid-19, the DoD data predicts we will continue to see astronomical numbers of health problems they cause. Perhaps this is why the push for mandatory vaccination, if there is no control group left, then you cannot lay the blame at the feet of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big government.

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