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by Survival Dispatch Staff

CNN Exposed for Fraudulent Reporting 

Threat Level: Yellow

Perhaps the final company practicing investigative journalism is Project Veritas under the direction of James O’Keefe. The latest exposé targeted the “most trusted name in news,” CNN. In yesterday’s first installment of the drop, the undercover journalists have Director of CNN Charlie Chester making it explicitly clear that CNN pushes an agenda rather than facts. This is antithetical to the public claims of the network, their slogan, and their defenders. 

This is a problem within our media industry as a whole today. Journalists see themselves more as campaign aids to the party or politicians they favor rather than objective bearers of truth to the American people. 

The Founding Fathers were very clear in their support for an independent press in order to keep the government in check, which is why Freedom of the Press was enshrined in the First Amendment. Nonetheless, the “Fourth Estate” only works if the media treats the politicians in an adversarial manner, which CNN and the Mainstream Media no longer do.  

Leading up to the 2020 Election, the Washington Post editorial board endorsed Joe Biden while refusing to cover the Hunter Biden story. The New York Times defended Twitter for suspending the New York Post’s account for covering the Biden Laptop, and Charlie Chester admitted to creating false stories against Trump hoping something would stick.

Medical Malfeasance at the Top

Threat Level: Orange

From the beginning, there has been a concerted effort to limit the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) by Fauci, the CDC, Big Tech, Mainstream Media, and every other institutionally powerful entity. The group, “America’s Frontline Doctor’s,” led by Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel made a public statement on the steps of the Supreme Court last July detailing the success that she and her peers had documented in treating Covid-19 with HCQ. They were banned, deplatformed, and slandered in a coordinated effort of all the entities listed above. 

Dr. Steven Hatfill, an infectious disease expert and epidemiologist, joined the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss the findings of an ongoing meta analysis of HCQ trials, which was updated last on April 9, 2021. In those findings published at HCQmeta.com, 88 percent of prospective studies report positive effects and 73 percent of retrospective studies do. 

Dr. Hatfill holds Master’s degrees in microbial genetics, radiation biochemistry, and experimental pathology. He is a Former National Research Council Fellow in the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and Senior Fellow at the London Institute for Policy Research. 

His analysis of the situation is not only relevant, but it single-handedly refutes the baseless claim from Dr. Fauci that the “experts agree.” In the interview, Dr. Hatfill even says that Dr. Fauci is responsible for the deaths of Americans by denying the efficacy of HCQ for treating Covid-19.

Russia Refuses to Back Down

Threat Level: Red

Russia has amassed 80,000 troops in Crimea and along the eastern Ukranian border in a brazen show of force. Ukranian officials have attempted to open lines of communications to the Kremlin, but they have not been returned. 

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov reportedly said, “I’m not aware of any [such] requests made lately.” However, he also made it clear that the Kremlin does not want a war and only cares for all Russian-speaking people. The G7 issued a statement demanding that Russia stand down from its currently threatening position, but Ukrainian officials only expect the number of troops to continue to grow.

On top of the overt threat that this poses to peace in the region, the American forces stationed in the area and the deterioration of diplomatic relations and supply chains, it is emblematic of the disrespect for American authority on the global stage. Despite the attempts of academics, media pundits, and the Democrats saying Trump caused respect for the United States to go down in the international community, it is clear Biden is the true culprit. 

When did Russia annex Crimea? During the Obama/Biden administration. When did China start testing America’s resolve by making demands of Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, and others? Just days after Biden was sworn in. When did Russia start massing forces for another military operation in a sovereign country? After Trump was gone. 

Biden is, and always has been, the reason America is a laughing stock and why smaller countries are now at risk of being overrun by China and Russia.

In Other News 

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. Further FOIA requests have yielded another discovery of private money going to election infrastructure. This time, $7.4 million from Zuckerberg via CTCL went to Detroit. 
  2. Pelosi has invited Biden to address Congress on the 28th of April. It would be his first address to a joint session of Congress. 
  3. The New Georgia Project, funded by George Soros and led by Stacey Abrams and Rev. Raphael Warnock, is currently fighting subpoenas that are part of a larger investigation into “possible illegal campaign activity.” 
  4. Epoch Times has said the attack against their printing facility was “planned,” but that it would not stop them from continuing to report the truth of the ongoing Hong Kong situation.
  5. Inflation and prices are rising faster than anticipated, causing a 9.1% month-over-month increase in gasoline prices, signaling trouble ahead. 
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