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The Great Reset

Money Managements Motives

Throughout the last 18 months, almost everything that could have been detrimental to The Great Reset plan has been buried by Covid-19 or “social justice” news. They have been able to bury every story from how they stole the 2020 General Election to the revelation that the Pentagon has been secretly operating a covert army of 60,000 soldiers.

Obama’s mentor, the former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel said about the 2008 crash, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Not only does Obama have significant influence in the current administration, but Rahm’s brother – Ezekiel – is on the Coronavirus Response Taskforce responsible for advising the executive branch on their Covid-19 policies.

Clearly, they have taken full advantage of this manufactured crisis, and failed to hold any of the guilty parties accountable. The government has stripped Americans of rights while making themselves and their corporate donors trillions of dollars, and they have irreparably harmed the United States national interest. The greatest vertical consolidation of wealth in a 12-month period accomplished in a year what would have taken a decade under normal conditions.

Perhaps the greatest force moving us towards The Great Reset is an asset management firm called BlackRock. In a Wall Street Journal article titled If You Sell Your House the Buyer Might be a Pension Fund, Ryan Dezember outlines how BlackRock purchased an entire 124-home neighborhood at 20% above asking price per house on average. BlackRock immediately turned them into Single Family Rental (SFR) properties.

BlackRock is federally backed, meaning that their losses are forgiven by taxpayer dollars and their profits are privatized; essentially a crony capitalist version of socialism. This is the same hybridization of public and private money that created the housing bubble and crash of 2008, by backing banks’ subprime mortgages. The banks had nothing on the line because the federal government had agreed to subsidize all their losses, meaning that banks artificially drove up the demand of housing by giving everyone a mortgage regardless of their ability to pay it.

This caused the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, but it pales in comparison to the harm that BlackRock’s current scheme will inflict on the American middle-class. As of January, they control almost $9 trillion in assets, making them the largest asset management firm on the planet. Their plan is to double their investment in 5-years, and according to Forbes, lead a $120-trillion dollar private wealth redistribution scheme.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

A major part of their investment plan is to invest in single-family homes (like the neighborhood in Texas), pay over market value (because they have no money on the line to beat competitors), and force potential homeowners to become dependent on rentals. For those of you familiar with the classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” BlackRock has embodied Mr. Potter’s plans to turn the entire town into a permanent underclass of renters in Pottersville. This is the plan that the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and other globalist organizations have been building for decades. Agenda 21, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, the Great Reset meeting of 2020, among other initiatives and partnerships all include plans to reduce private ownership of property.

The World Economic Forum last summer famously put out a marketing campaign that said, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.” The first step to achieve this goal is to create a permanent underclass of renters because homeownership is one of the most important steps on the path to financial security. It is a definitive part of the American dream, it is a tangible asset almost guaranteed to appreciate, and as our legal system has often upheld, a man’s house is his castle.

The chilling fact about BlackRock is that unlike the housing crisis of 2008, this is a privately controlled bubble that cannot burst. In 2008, the problem was dispersed out among tens of thousands of bad loans from the banks, which meant they were destined to fail. It was only a matter of time, but the BlackRock scheme has no such hard stop. Since they are protected from losses by the Federal Reserve, BlackRock can continue to overbid for property, meaning they can only continue to expand.

The three entities we now know of buying property the fastest in the United States are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Bill Gates, and BlackRock. This is a problem that must be stopped and reversed immediately if we are to stop the unholy alliance of Non-Governmental Organizations, globalist governments, and billionaires from fulfilling their utopian future upon us.

This is far from the only economic issue that the American People are facing, with three months of disastrous job numbers, supply chain issues continuing to cause shortages and price hikes, as well as record inflation–economic Armageddon is right around the corner.

Maricopa Update

The Fire Spreads

Today is the final day of the audit which was the “shot heard around the world” in the battle for election integrity following the criminal enterprise that was the 2020 General Election. The auditors had one final pallet of ballots to count on Friday before they would have completed the audit, with the results scheduled to be made public on Monday. States like Pennsylvania, Colorado, Alaska, and Virginia had already sent teams to the facility to inspect the auditing process so their states could replicate the efforts. 

According to a tweet from the Audit Team’s Twitter account last night, nine more states are touring the facility. It is likely that more states were influenced and potentially certified the wrong winner of their elections given the information that has come out following the safe harbor day in December of 2020.

The reports from the audit seem to indicate that their findings will be significantly different from the results that the Supervisor of Elections promised were accurate. By the third week of the audit in early May, the team of auditors had reported they were uncovering discrepancies in the number of ballots in the boxes the county officials were handing over to them.

It is imperative that this issue be fixed. Although some people like Mike Lindell and Donald Trump have said that they believe the 45th President will be reinstated, there is no precedent for this to happen regardless of the evidence. This means the only redress for the crimes that were committed leading up to the election, and on November 3rd, is to win the midterm in 2022. It will be impossible for conservatives to win legislative races if election integrity is not pursued and ensured.  

In Other News

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

1.  Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel emailed her staff on March 12 of this year inquiring as to whether they should arrest a business owner before they went on FOX News to criticize the Governor’s lockdown.

2.  Ron Johnson has written a letter to the Chief of the Capitol Police inquiring as to the truth of what happened on January 6th, not the salacious cable news version of the day.

3.  Quietly the CDC has called an “emergency meeting” to discuss the reports and cases of heart inflammation in patients who have received the Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

4.  The Trump DOJ seized information on California Representative Eric Swalwell, who engaged in a relationship with a CCP operative, in their investigation into impropriety during the Russian investigation.

5.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his intentions to finish Trump’s efforts of building a wall along the United States-Mexico border.

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