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Chinese Communist Party Escalates Persecution of Christians


Over Easter weekend, reports of the inhumane treatment by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) toward the domestic Christian population were published with very little fanfare, as has been standard operating procedure for the corrupt American media machine. While companies such as Delta, PayPal, Major League Baseball, American Airlines, and others are attacking the existential threat that is requiring an ID to vote, they are silent about the crackdown on religious freedom and suspension of Human Rights. Aside from the obvious hypocrisy of these companies requiring ID to be a customer, it shows a system of value on the part of the corporate structure in America which is inherently un-American. 

As a nation which previously prided itself on the defense of those suffering under oppressive regimes and fought wars on behalf of others, this is a drastic shift. The Biden Administration has failed to condemn any of China’s intolerable domestic policies, whether toward the Ugyhers, Christians, or any other group deemed “undesirable” by President Xi. American companies such as Disney, the NBA, and Major League Baseball all have continued their business deals with the totalitarian regime. It seems that to both Biden, and his comrades in the private sector, genocide and religious persecution are permissible, while providing an ID to vote is too oppressive. 


Chinese Military Continues to Test Biden Administration’s International Resolve


As the Chinese paramilitary fishing fleet continues its occupation of the Julian Felipe Reef, it has simultaneously demanded another United States ally sacrifice territorial water. Last week, Beijing announced that Japan must forfeit control of the Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited archipelago which they have been under their responsibility for decades. The United States has seemingly adopted the historically dubious approach of appeasement, popularized by Neville Chamberlain. 

The Chinese government has now made efforts to expand their involvement in the Pacific Ocean, South & East China Sea, Indian Ocean, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, and still found time to embarrass the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on US soil. It is clear that China has been biding its time for years, waiting for an opportunity to challenge the United States. The weak and ineffective Biden Administration has given them an opportunity which the CCP is wasting no time in pursuing. China now sees no opposition capable of preventing them from claiming the mantle of premier global superpower, which poses a threat to the world as we know it. 


Pursuit of Vaccine Passport Program Continues


The latest idea in the “two weeks to slow the spread” effort, is the implementation of a two-tier social system in order to discriminate against those who do not receive the untested vaccine. The fear of COVID generated by the media’s sensational reporting has scared the average civilian into a submissive state in which they offer no resistance to government power. This problem is not unique to America, although it is more disappointing given the departure from the American tradition of distrusting the government. 

There are multiple potential grounds on which Republican’s are planning to challenge the implementation of Vaccine Passports. Governor Desantis (Florida) and Abbot (Texas) have already signed executive orders banning their use in the state. There is also a civil rights challenge being explored under the Civil Rights Act. If privileges or opportunities being awarded only to those who provide proof of a vaccine would create a two-tiered society, inherently contradictory to the Civil Rights Act. 


5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. John Durham is refusing to preserve evidence in the suspected political murder of Seth Rich which has been scheduled for destruction within 3 weeks.
  2. There are over 2 million signatures on the ‘Recall Newsom’ effort, only 1.5 million of which need to be verified by month’s end to trigger a new election.
  3. Lawyers are beginning to threaten the ballot auditors in Maricopa County Arizona for doing a forensic audit authorized by the State Senate. 
  4. The Border Patrol has erased their press release announcing the capture of two Yemanise individuals on the terrorist watch list, who were caught crossing the unsecured border. 
  5. The CDC has changed its COVID guidelines once again, saying that increasing ventilation not constant sanitization should be the focal point of businesses.
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