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Compounding Risk 

Vaccination Rates Correlate With Cases

For many of those who have not received the tens of millions of Americans who are unvaccinated, a major component has been the cost-benefit analysis. For young healthy adults, there is a negligible risk if they contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Thousands of cases of myocarditis in the VAERS database

For the overwhelming majority of people, however, the fears of having an adverse reaction outweighed by the benefits of being protected from Covid-19. Whether or not that fear is justified is a question we have answered multiple times, spoiler alert, no. 

On September 23, 2021, the Irish Examiner reported that, 

A staggering 99.7% of over-18s in Waterford have been vaccinated against Covid-19, making it the most vaccinated county in Munster. Mr Reid urged anyone who has not been vaccinated against Covid-19 to come forward for a jab. According to the latest available statistics, 91% of Irish adults over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 – the highest total in the European Union.

Despite this overwhelming amount of protection from the Covid-19 virus, it took less than 3 weeks for Waterford to become the epicenter of Covid cases in Ireland. Waterford news broke the news on October 11, that Waterford had the most cases per capita in the entire country. 

In 3 weeks the most vaccinated population in the European Union became the epicenter of the feared, “fifth wave.” 

The questions that this, and similar examples all across the world, raise about the efficacy of the vaccine, the need for mandates related to such an ineffective vaccine, and whether people knew the truth about it before they rolled it out need to be answered. Those who took this vaccine expecting to be protected from Covid inevitably feel duped. 

Unfortunately, the advice from medical professionals is only adding insult to injury. After spending months pretending that natural immunity is a figment of conspiracy theorists’ imagination, the Australian government is now advocating that vaccinated individuals actually catch the virus so since it “improves their immunity.”

This is a real article from the Courier Mail in Australia, “If you are fully vaccinated against Covid the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus, experts warn.” The headline has become a meme online with those who have been skeptical of the need for the vaccine calling it “natural immunity with extra steps.” 

Natural immunity of course has been proven in multiple large studies to be significantly more effective than mRNA vaccines or the J&J vaccine. In some cases, it has been shown to be 27 times more effective. 

On a global scale, by cross-referencing the vaccination rates for countries and covid cases, we now know there is actually a slight positive correlation between vaccination rates and covid cases.

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