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7 Common Zombie Apocalypse Mistakes

by mike-johnson

zombies walking in front of a white two story colonial style home

We are going to have a little fun today with a pretty far-fetched what if scenario. What if the Zombie Apocalypse was a real deal?

Some experts claim that a zombie apocalypse is not impossible….maybe, maybe not. But just in case:

How prepared are you? Do you have a survival gear and kit ready? Do you have enough supplies when disaster hits? Do you have weapons at hand? Do you know a safe place when seeking refuge?

“The Walking Dead” and other zombie films teach us that dystopian events may happen. Knowing that there is a chance that the zombies could come a knocking, it is important to think about some tips and strategies that will work for your advantage.

First, DON’T PANIC! Panicking will result to clouded judgment and poor decisions. During an emergency, these are the two skills you need. Once a zombie apocalypse befalls us, some survival tips are disguised as logical ideas but they cause more harm than good.

The following infographic details seven common mistakes to avoid during a zombie apocalypse and what to do instead.

Zombie infographic showing 7 popular zombie survival tactics that will get you killed

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Donald Dyer November 11, 2017 - 4:37 am

some good information here, and the show The Walking Dead actually is a good survival show but people do not pay any attention to it for that reason. Some of the things you could run into could happen in real life should the SHTF and I do not mean zombies. If you are a prepper you can get some good ideas from the show.

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