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21 Reasons You Should Include a Mylar Emergency Blanket In Your Kit

by Survival Dispatch Staff

woman covering another woman with a mylar blanket

The mylar emergency blanket AKA “space blanket” is a staple of most survival kits. In addition to helping to reduce heat loss in the body, this multi-purpose item has a variety of other potential functions. With its small size and light weight, including a couple in your kit is a no brainer.

NOTE: Be aware that the best time to wrap yourself in a mylar blanket is before you truly get cold. The mylar blanket helps to retain your body heat and limit heat loss…it won’t warm you up if you have already become extremely cold. It’s a heat trap, not a heat generator.

Here’s a list of 21 uses for this versatile survival tool:

  1. Use as an extra layer in your sleeping bag for warmth.
  2. Use to build a horseshoe pack to carry small items.Diagram demonstrating how to make a horseshoe pack using a groundsheet or tent
  3. Use to create a sling.
  4. Use to line your pack to keep clothes dry in wet weather.
  5. Use as a water carrying device.
  6. Use as a heat reflector to keep the warmth from a fire focused in your direction.
    Man warming hands next to fire in snow while surrounded by a mylar blanket shelter


  7. Use to line the inside of your boots to keep your socks dry.
  8. Use to carry small items like nuts and berries by cutting into smaller squares and tying off the ends.
  9. Use to make a food cache by wrapping food in the blanket, tying one end off with a rope and hoisting it up on a tree limb to get it high off the ground.
  10. Use as a funnel to collect rain water.Water gathering diagram with aluminum foil funnel and water container
  11. Use as a signaling mirror.
  12. Use to mark your trail. Cut or tear the material into squares and secure in place with rocks or duct tape.
  13. Use to insulate a room by taping over windows and around doors.
  14. Use to melt snow by putting snow on top of the blanket and placing in the warm sun.
  15. Use as a seat cover for your vehicle when it’s cold out.
  16. Use as cordage by twisting or braiding strands together.
  17. Use to line your shelter or tent to keep your body heat inside.Emergency shelter in the woods using a mylar blanket, logs, and sticks
  18. Use as a waterproof ground sheet (be sure to put another layer between you and the blanket).
  19. Use as a light reflector to brighten the effect of your lanterns or candles.
  20. Use to dry clothes by putting them on the blanket and leaving in the sun.
  21. Use as a reflective fire starter.

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