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Protect Your Trash From Identity Theft

by Grayman

Hip Pocket Brief: Trash Security

BLUF: A lot of information can be gleaned from your trash and most people don’t give too much thought as to what they throw away (i.e. bank statements). Someone could learn where you eat, get your gas, buy your coffee, where you work, medical conditions you may have, if you just bought a new TV, gun, or other high dollar purchase. If you live alone or are married and have kids. All information gained from what you throw away.

A good rule of thumb at home is that only organic (food or food containers) get thrown in the trash (or recycling). If it’s paper/card board it should be shredded or burned. Especially important with anything financial or with personal info on it. If burning isn’t an option, shreds should be mixed in with wet trash from the kitchen.

When traveling or on the go, avoid using any trash cans that are in your room. Take your trash with you when you leave and throw it out in a common area trash, preferably the dumpster or a trash can at another location. This makes it harder to link any info you may be throwing out specifically to you.

The biological rule still applies here too but most people don’t have a shredder when they are traveling. So pay attention to what info is on what you are throwing out and limit your exposure as much as possible.

The more you can destroy and not have to leave out for others to collect or destroy for you, the less info anyone targeting you could glean.


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