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17 Steps to Prepare for a Life Altering Event (LAE)

by Grayman

These steps can be taken now. They’re everyday procedures and longterm solutions. Implement them as time allows but keep up with the process.

1. Pad your food storage;

3 weeks of pantry food, get bulk items of foods you use all the time. Rotate items into your meals and replace as needed.

2. Store 2 weeks of water, treatment, and filters (in addition to what you already have.) Rotate and replace.

3. Plan for Rx meds 90 day supply, understand your prescriptions and equivalents. OTC meds prep for kids and adults.

4. Stock extra toiletries, cleaning and sanitation supplies.

5. Organize/replenish winterize BOB. Have a place to egress to that’s not in the city.

6. Make or update your emergency plan (Google ICERS PLAN).

7. Prepare financially, have cash on hand and put back an emergency fund. Have multiple sites for cash storage.

8. Copy/backup important documents (download PDFs and guide to your phone, Faraday Protect it, check link in bio).

9. Prep fuel gas tank, make full, keep extra fuel. Rotate and replace.

10. Make a blackout kit. (for loss of power)

11. Invest in some backup power; generator, solar, etc.

12. EDC, be consistent and carry Every Day.

13. Add a get home bag and emergency supplies to your vehicle, get a tune-up and keep it running at its best.

14. Plan for home security perimeter security and home defense.

15. Be gray, don’t show your support of controversial political figures or beliefs in high-pop areas or your front lawn as it may attract attacks and violence.

16. Look at your communications plan cell phones and chargers, backup to cells.

17. Build a first aid kit and know how to administer first aid.


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