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Emergency Loadout Guide: INCH

by Grayman

INCH Checklist …

This Emergency Loadout Guide provides a checklist of must have items for an INCH loadout. INCH gear is a loadout of supplies designed to aid in relocating and sustaining long term survival. It is has additional supplies that a Bug Out Bag (BOB) does not have and remains the best option if all hope is lost at the homestead and a permanent bugout is required. This guide will discuss how to pack an INCH Loadout when deciding on carrying a Bag vs. using a Bug Out Vehicle (BOV), it will detail a checklist of items to add on to your current Bug Out Bag, and provide tips for how to implement a INCH system.

AKA: Evacuation Kit, TEOTWAWKI Pack, 10 Day Bag, or permanent Bug Out Bag.

Purpose: Supplies you with means to travel long distances (10+ days) from a compromised homestead to a secure Bug Out Location or destination for permanent resettlement/survival.


  • Use the guide to convert a BOB to an INCH, (or create a standalone INCH loadout)
  • Follow the checklist as you buy or find each item
  • Layout the Loadout and plan how you will package the items in your bag or vehicle while following our tips for quick-access.
  • As you insert or attach items to the pack, mark it off the list. Memorize the layout and know what you have in the bag/BOV.
  • Train, practice, and know how to use each item in your INCH.
  • Customize your INCH with the optional Supplemental Items.
  • Follow guidelines for altering the INCH to fit your local terrain, weather, and current threats streams.

The checklist can be downloaded here.


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