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Lessons on Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

by Grayman


A Hip Pocket Brief is an informal, short, and concise training session. We think these briefs will be helpful to add some extra tactics to your “toolkit”.

Below are two recent briefs posted unredacted at bit.ly/TheGBC and summarized on the Grayman Briefing’s free Telegram channel at t.me/graymanbriefing


BLUF: Reconnaissance of the restaurant you’re having lunch at can aid in a quick evacuation or detection of threats.

When you first enter a building, make an excuse to study the layout in-order-to (IOT) learn the exits and points of interest (POI).

Simply take a walk to the bathroom. At a restaurant they’re usually near the back or by the kitchen. Take an alternate path back IOT view areas that are out of your table’s line of sight (LOS). Knowing the exit gives you an escape from an active shooter incident or other emergency.

Identity the “hides” or surveillance points. They could also serve as a hard-lock-in (an improvised panic room) in the event egress isn’t possible, (think riot). A basement or walk-in-freezer keeps you away from hazards such as tornado.

Scan the exterior of the building, count the doors to get the number of exits and approximate locations. Observe upper level escape options.

These precautions only take a minute & won’t look out of place.


BLUF: Being gray doesn’t necessarily mean wearing gray. Dress like the majority.

Suffocating your attire with a single color would be the opposite of blending in. A sensory overload of gray would make you standout. Gray is a go to but focus on incorporating it conservatively and in a manner which also utilizes the attire of 51% (or more) of those in the area in which you’re operating.

In a “white collar” business district you’d be safe white e a suit and tie. In an urban strip mall you’d draw attention in the same outfit.

If you’re traveling through various environments, consider a hybrid outfit with “quick change” potential (reversible jacket, hat).

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