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The Pandemic of Who?

When the Vaccinated Infect the Vaccinated 

During Joe Biden’s divisive speech on Thursday night, he continually blamed, pressured, and degraded the almost 80 million Americans who are unvaccinated. He used his power to threaten, blackmail, and strongarm Americans into taking an experimental drug. This unproven vaccine not only boasts questionable safety, but it also has apocryphal results preventing infection, serious or otherwise. 

Denmark withdrawing its restrictions, exponentially more breakthrough cases among the vaccinated than previously infected in Israel, or the case study of Sweden all present reason to doubt the Covid-19 policy we have endured for 20 long months now. Pfizer originally claimed the vaccine held 95% effectiveness throughout clinical trials, by July it had fallen to 39% according to the Israel Ministry of Health. 

Yet despite numbers like this, there is an almost religious-zealot level of obsession with getting every single person vaccinated every 6 months for the rest of their lives. For example, according to a case study by Frontiers in Medicine

The patient had an Alpha variant breakthrough infection despite past infection, complete vaccination, and seroconversion. Despite boosting after this infection, the patient subsequently had a severe Delta variant breakthrough infection. This was also a WGS proven reinfection and, therefore, a case of breakthrough reinfection. The patient acquired the infection from a fully vaccinated family member.

How their obsession can be so resistant to counter-evidence is another conversation

Coronavirus, and the subsequent vaccination, is only regarded so seriously in the assumption that the disease is extremely deadly. Multiple studies have been conducted to understand how the public perceives their risk from Covid-19 compared to what the science says their risk is. As a study from the Brookings Insitute found

When asked to estimate the share of deaths by age group, the average American dramatically overestimates the share of COVID-19 deaths from people aged 24 and younger, putting it around 8%, when in fact it was 0.1% through August and has remained close to that level since. Meanwhile the elderly,  those 65 and older, had accounted for 81% of deaths at the time of the survey (and 79% through November). Democrats were further off than Republicans and more likely to overstate the risks to young people, even after accounting for age, race, gender, geographic, and educational differences.

Although the corporate media, public health officials, teachers, celebrities, and almost every voice of authority, are telling you to live in fear there is not a compelling reason for you to listen. For those you know, who may have a hard time believing you over all of those authoritative voices, there is a tool that could be convincing. Oxford University has created an algorithm that allows you to understand your risk from Covid-19. This “Covid Calculator” allows you to enter your relevant medical information in an anonymous way and in return, you are given both your absolute and relative risk from Covid. 

The risk of death for a healthy 21-year-old male according to the Oxford University Covid-19 Calculator

The results for an average 20 something-year-old male, with no preexisting conditions, and a normal BMI is one in a million. 

Despite the relatively low lack of risk people without multiple comorbidities face from Covid-19 the fear-mongering has been effectively carried out. It has been so total in its goal of taking over the average citizen’s mind, that the idea of natural immunity has been tripped from the public consciousness. Amazingly this is despite multiple studies showing it to be more effective than the ever-decreasing efficacy of the vaccines. 

As the study from Nature Communications, from March of this year, looked at the T-Cell presence in patients who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. It found,

T-cell immunity is important for recovery from COVID-19 and provides heightened immunity for re-infection. [..] We also demonstrate the size and quality of the memory T-cell pool of COVID-19 patients are larger and better than those of close contacts. However, the proliferation capacity, size, and quality of T-cell responses in close contacts are readily distinguishable from healthy donors, suggesting close contacts are able to gain T-cell immunity against SARS-CoV-2 despite lacking a detectable infection. Additionally, asymptomatic and symptomatic COVID-19 patients contain similar levels of SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell memory. Overall, this study demonstrates the versatility and potential of memory T cells from COVID-19 patients and close contacts, which may be important for host protection. 

(Emphasis added)

A more recent article, published on August 25 in MedRxiv, gives a more definitive answer to the natural immunity versus vaccine question. The team, from different institutions in Israeli, discovered that 

[N]atural immunity confers longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 [Pfizer] two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. 

There is of course logical support to prefer natural immunity. The vaccine is a synthetic attempt to generate a response to a specific portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body, while the natural immune response will recognize not only the spike proteins but the entire virus. This point seems to have been lost during the discussion on vaccine passports and mandates from the current administration. 

The consequences of this can definitely be considered comical if not disastrous. By instituting a “no papers, no service” policy, public health officials could prevent those who are most protected from being able to enter society. Clearly, this is a violation of human, constitutional, and civil liberties, but it is also counter to the stated justification for the policy. 

This is why it is possible for the 7-day rolling average of cases to be 300% of where it was a year ago, despite 64% of the population having received at least 1 dose. The second week of September last year saw an average of 36,000 cases daily, while the current average is at 143,000 new cases per day. 

While this may be hard to believe given the breathless coverage the media gave to every possible Covid-19 horror story leading up to the election, and their relative silence on the failure of the current administration’s handling of the pandemic, one must understand that our media is far from unbiased. As the original story illustrates, fully vaccinated individuals are infecting other fully vaccinated individuals while the entire country blames the unvaccinated. They only do that because they are led into believing this false version of reality by the authoritative sources they falsely believe to be trustworthy.

Although they are confident in their error, do not forget that the scientific evidence does not support the fear they have or the plan of action they are attempting to force upon you.

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