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Survive a Stampede & Crowd Surge

by Grayman

BLUF: When in the middle of a crowd of people that have turned into a mob, begun a mass evacuation, or a large chaotic group that has become dangerous (such as surging stampede at an out of control concert); you must take action to safely egress.

》Avoid planned or expected crowds. Look for early indicators of crime, unrest, or dangerous activity and evacuate at first sign of fire or threats. (If an alarm is pulled, don’t wait to see if it’s a false alarm).
》Stay upright, conserve your energy, use others/structures to maintain balance.
》Do not panic, yell, or push.
》Keep your chin tucked, eyes up, maintain personal space by keeping a wide stance/gait.
》Keep your arms up in front of your chest, fingers together or in a fist.
》If you become compressed your raised arms will take pressure off your chest and allow you to breathe.
》Do not fall, pull others up or form a locked arm group around those that fall.
》Use a knife edge open hand to wedge and divide others to form pathways to egress.
》Work your way from the center of the crowd to the edge. Go with the flow of traffic.

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