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Hip Pocket Briefs: Chloroform, Fail to Fire, Pressure Points

by Grayman

A Hip Pocket Brief is an informal, short, and concise training session. We think these briefs will be helpful to add some extra tactics to your “toolkit”. Three recent off the hip briefs follow …

Recognizing Chloroform Production

BLUF: A pure concentration of Chloroform can be used as an anesthetic or non-lethal immobilization of a threat. Being able to identify the manufacturing process can alert you to a potential threat. If you detect the possession of the below supplies or the act of their mixture, be alarmed by the person’s intent to avoid becoming a victim or implicated in unlawful actions. Recognition of labs and suicide scenes can aid in avoiding lethal fumes and explosions.

Ingredients: 50 parts (8oz) Bleach, 1 part (1 tsp) Acetone, 16 parts (4 cubes) Ice.

Process: In well-ventilated area, wear mask, and eye protection. Chill bleach and acetone in fridge. Add bleach and ice, then acetone to a container (use the bleach jug itself). Let sit 1 hour. It will begin to vaporize, white residue will form on the bottom. Pour top liquid out slowly and discard while leaving residue in bowl and last 2 to 4 ounces in container. Transfer to a separation funnel and separate. Remaining solution should then be distilled. Final chloroform solutions should be stored out of direct light in a cool location.

*Note- The observation of the above ingredients or process actions could indicate an illicit chemical lab is in operation. Check state and local laws. Improper processes or storage can create poisonous solutions.

》Recognize and avoid meth labs as toxic fumes and explosive hazards may be present- Chemical (urine) odors, obscured windows, propane tanks, drink bottles (w/ unnatural color substance, hoses), trash (cold medicine packaging, coffee filters, paint thinner cans, damage batteries).
》Recognize and avoid chemical (detergent) suicide scenes to avoid deadly vapors-  Confined spaces (vehicle, bathroom, garage), rotten egg or almond odor, tape over window/door cracks, victim shows no signs of trauma, signs/placard warnings (victims often alert others), paint cans, buckets.

Firearms Malfunction – Failure to Fire

BLUF: If you pull the trigger and only get a click (no discharge) perform a Tap-Rack-Ready.

》Index your finger off the trigger.

》With your support hand, “Tap” (hard slam) the base of the magazine to ensure it is firmly seated.

》With your primary hand, tilt the ejection port downward.

》With your support hand “Rack” by grasping the charging handle or back of slide then briskly and firmly pull back the slide. Let go of handle/slide after it reaches it’s furthered back point. (Don’t ride the handle)

》You’re now “Ready” to resume your grip, obtain sight picture, and reassess the situation before firing.


Control Techniques & Pressure Points.

BLUF: Pressure points serve to temporarily disable an attacker to give you an opportunity to egress (flight) or attack (fight).

 》Femoral: Strike w/ blunt force (knee), located between the groin and the knee on the midline of inner thigh. Use- pain, gain compliance.

 》Common Peroneal: Strike w/ blunt force (knee), outside of thigh 4″ above knee. Use- pain, disable movement.

 》Brachial Plexus: Strike w/ blunt force (palm/fist), on the side of the base of neck. Use- Disorient.

 》Web of Thumb (Adductor Pollicis): Push inward w/force (thumb), into meaty web portion of hand-top between thumb and index finger. Use- Defeat grasp.

 》Parotid Lymph Node: Push inward w/force then drive up (forefingers, knuckles), between jawline and neck below ear. Use- Gain compliance, lift/direct.

 》Jugular Notch (Suprasternal): Push in and down w/  force (grouped forefingers), in center hollow of base of neck (front). Use- Gain compliance, lower/direct.

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