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Gear Recommendations – Medical Kits

by Chris Weatherman

Gear recommendations for medical equipment to carry on your body, in your bag and in your vehicle.

It’s important to have a multi-tiered approach to your kit. You can’t carry an entire ER in your pocket, so you have to prioritize.

If you carry a firearm, you need to have several trauma items on you at all time…a tourniquet, and some sort of trauma bandage like an Israeli bandage.

We recommend using bright colors for your medical kits. You can even use a red zipper pull on the pocket of your backpack that carries your med kit.

Gear Mentioned:

  • R.A.T.S. tourniquet
  • Israeli bandage
  • RevMedx tourniquet
  • QuikClot
  • Dark Angel Medical kits
  • North American Rescue kit

Having equipment you don’t know how to use still has value. If there is a medical professional nearby, they can use your gear and go to work in an emergency situation.

That said, it’s important for you to take responsibility and get training!

Take a CPR class, take a basic trauma class, or go next level and attend a Tactical Combat Casualty Care class.

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