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Briefings: PERSEC, Awareness, Google Maps

by Grayman


BLUF: PERSEC stands for personal security. The Grayman should be careful to not post personal information anywhere on the internet, especially an address, phone number, workplace, political rally attendance, etc. Here are 4 quick tips to protect yourself.

  1. Post as if your profile is public. Make sure your profile security settings are marked private or viewed by friends only. Nothing is 100% private but some simple information awareness can avoid making your data easily accessible.
  2. Check your location settings, confirm they are set to OFF.
  3. Doxxing, Blackmail, & Employment Background Checks often utilize OSINT Social Media data. Be especially cautious if your career is susceptible to public scrutiny or foreign surveillance (policing, IRS agent, military).
  4. Protect your PII. Photos of your children, vacations, military boots under your bed, or a campaign sign in your front yard are all things that you may not want to be public knowledge.  Your profile and tagged photos are often public. Turn off tagging. Be smart.



BLUF: Blind spots can be erased with correct mirror adjustments. 

  1. The rear view mirror (RVM) should be focused on the rear, not the sides.⁣
  2. The side mirrors shouldn’t be showing the side panel of your car, they should be aimed at the area between where your RVM vision ends and your peripheral vision begins. Tilt them so that you can just see the outline of your back doors’ handles.⁣
  3. Erase blind spots by doing the following: While driving in the right lane, note a vehicle in the left lane overtaking you from behind. Without moving your head, follow its approach in your RVM. Just before it disappears from your view in the RVM, glance to the left side mirror. There it is. Now follow that vehicle in the side mirror as it begins to pass you. Then, just before it disappears from the side mirror, you should see it with your peripheral vision. Notice that without even turning your head, you never had a blind-spot. Make adjustments as needed.



BLUF: Protect your privacy from people using Google Maps to surveil your home. Blur your whole house or property.

  1. Go to Google Maps & enter your home address or pan the map & click (long press on phone app) on the Point of Interest (POI).
  2. Enter into Street View mode by dragging the small yellow human-shaped icon, found in the bottom-right corner of the screen, onto the map in front of your POI. (If on the phone app, drag the footer menu up then tap the street view image)
  3. With your house in view, click “report a problem” in the bottom-right corner of the screen. (If on the app, tap the 3 vertical dots “menu” button then tap “report a problem”)
  4. Center the red box on your home, & select “My home” in the “Request blurring” field
  5. Write in the provided field why you want the image blurred (for example, you may be concerned about safety issues).
  6. Enter in your email address & click “Submit”. Note: This tactic could also draw attention.


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