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Ballistic Armor Co: Gen 2 Helmet Test

by Survival Dispatch Staff

In this video Denny Chapman and his sidekick Mario put the Ballistic Armor Co Gen 2 advanced combat helmet to the test by shooting it with multiple calibers at the 2A Ranch in Ormond Beach Florida.

Here’s how it scored …

1) Shipping time: 5/5
2) Packaging sturdiness, ease of opening: 5/5
3) Website description accuracy : 9/10
4) Product appearance/aesthetics: 8/10
5) Easy to understand instructions: 9/10
6) Ease of use: 9/10
7) Warranty coverage: 9/10
8) Overall quality & value: 9/10
9) Product support & customer service: 14/15
10) American made 15, NATO ally 7, all others 0: 7/15

Sub-total: 84/100


Buy the Ballistic Armor Co Gen 2 helmet here …


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In an effort to make our product reviews relative to each other, we started using the same scoring criteria across the board as of Sept 2022. Please note, we heavily favor American made products. Watch the video at the following link for an explanation of our evaluation system.


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