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by Survival Dispatch Staff

Fear Fueled Fascism 

The Cold Revolution is Underway 

Fear has clearly been used to motivate the compliant masses into following the self-serving dictates of global leaders. Vertical consolidation of wealth, the entrenchment of bureaucratic power, and the normalization of conditional freedom with the government’s blessing are all monumental accomplishments on the path to totalitarianism. 

Fear has also motivated the actions of the global cabal. The heavy-handed approach to vaccine mandates, the unprecedented attack on parents rights, and extreme economic restrictions all bely the uncertainty of the globalists. If they were confident their plans would win out in due time they would never risk their dreams by going at this breakneck speed. Clearly, they are anything but confident. The only way for them to win is for you to remain either scared or hopeless, because either of these emotional states make you easier to be controlled. 

The World Economic Forum, United Nations, and the corporate interests of the world leaders, have rushed vaccine passports, restriction of civil liberties, and economic chokepoints hoping the people will not be able to organize a coherent resistance. Freedom of Speech is one of the greatest threats to the globalist agenda, because as long as people are able to communicate easily and freely, the failures of their policy are too easy for the world to see. How do you shut that down? 

Enter the hastily prepared plan of Frances Haugen, or the “Facebook Whistleblower,” as she is more commonly known as given her rapid rise to fame. This charade meant to justify further restriction on dissenting voices on the internet’s most popular social media platform was painfully clear from the get go. As Michael Tracey wrote in an article titled, “The Fakest Whistleblower,” 

The title of “whistleblower” was bestowed so swiftly onto Haugen because it’s intended to confer virtue and selflessness, and by dint of being unanimously labeled a “whistleblower,” Haugen attains a kind of saintly moral status. But notice that “whistleblowers” only seem to receive this kind of coordinated official endorsement if they are telling powerful factions exactly what they want to hear, and Haugen has done just that. Once the saintly status is attained, questioning her motives or political prescriptions is deemed sacreligious. Try to find a single establishment orthodoxy as regards “Big Tech” and speech regulation that Haugen’s statements have undercut rather than strengthened, and you will come away empty-handed.   

Yet the same individuals in the media, government, and other deep state advocacy groups, have spent years attacking Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for their whistleblowing. What is the difference? Haugen’s solution is more government power, while the other two, real whistleblowers who risked everything, only exposed the dangers of giving the government the power Haugen wishes the government had. 

As we round out 2021, their facade is barely holding up in the public eye. The Biden Administration is crumbling, the economy is worse than anyone admits, food shortages seem imminent as we head toward the Holiday season, and China is flexing both military might and malicious intention. All of these problems would point to a huge win for conservatives in the midterms, but we have been unable to rectify the issues from the 2020 election.

Conservatives have lost sight of what should be their number one policy objective and where their grassroots efforts should be focused. If we would like to turn this sinking ship around in time to save our country, we have to take back both the Senate and House of Representatives in 2022, and put a stop to the most radical presidential administration in American history. The only way to avoid the current cold civil war from escalating, or turning into a hot one, is to have an electoral system which is both transparent and effective at showing the will of the people. 

We have 12 months to fix almost every states election fraud. Even states like Florida, which people make the mistake of thinking are safe, has been found to have likely rampant fraud in 10 counties across the state. With Governor Desantis being up for reelection in 2022, and how hated he is by leftists across the country, there is cause for concern on the legitimacy of his impending reelection efforts. 

As Seth Keshel’s analysis found, 

Biden appears at least 296k votes heavy based on registration trends and historical data tracking with population increases. If accurate, counting only excess votes, Trump’s margin is FL is more accurately represented at 52.6% to 46.4%, or a 6.2% margin of victory, and margin of 667k votes.

As we count down towards the primaries next August, the importance of this election in how it will shape the future of the cold civil war we are currently living in cannot be overstated. 

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