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Threats in the 21st Century

Next-Gen Danger’s

For most of human history, we have been engaged in a daily struggle to predict upcoming problems, plan accordingly, and increase our ability to deal with issues at a moment’s notice. From the dark ages through the agrarian society that the United States was founded as these problems remained consistent. Food, floods, sickness, and a handful of other problems accounted for the potential threats faced.

As human civilization became more complex, more interconnected, and interdependent, not only did the number of potential threats increase exponentially, but our ability also to offset those problems was, on balance, obliterated. While most family units used to be responsible for the production of their own food supply, clothing, transportation, and other daily necessities, the modern family has control of zero of those areas. Although the modernization that began with the industrial revolution has done wonders for our standard of living, material advancement, and life expectancy there are downsides that seem to have gone widely ignored.

Our complete reliance on the internet, power grid, and unguarded infrastructure, as evidenced by the fact hackers accidentally took the Colonial Pipeline offline, makes us both as a nation and individuals vulnerable. We are reliant on a complex and fragile web of multinational trade agreements, supply chains, and cooperative corporate agreements. If any one of those vital puzzle pieces fails, how will we be able to sustain our families, never mind maintain the standard of living the last few generations have come to expect as their birthright?

Survival Dispatch is a great resource for those looking to prepare for when SHTF, which will protect your family from the inevitable fate of most who fail to take these threats seriously. What are the threats most likely to upend the status quo today?

Domestic Tyranny

As our Founding Fathers were well aware, there is no greater threat to the individual than the government’s perpetual overreach. This problem has only escalated exponentially since January 2020 and the introduction of Covid-19. 

Across the world, there is an effort from those who control the levers of power to completely control the lives of the population moving forward. The United Kingdom is going to impose a 10,000 pound fine on those who violate their quarantine policy. Australia said they would fine Australian nationals returning from India $66,000 or possibly jail them. 

Then France’s totalitarian fascist President Macron instituted six-month prison sentences for entering hospitality establishments without the vaccine. Business owners who allow the unvaccinated into their shop, restaurant, or bar face one year in prison and a 45,000 Euro fine.

Canada continues to force some nationals returning from abroad to get their third and fourth doses of the vaccines and has just secured a deal for up to 150 million booster shots through 2024 with Pfizer. 

Los Angeles is now mandating masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike under the guise of increased risk due to the Delta Variant. This flies in the face of everything medical experts, politicians, and their lackeys in the media had sold the American people for six months. Stephen Colbert ran a parody of The Proclaimers song “I’m Gonna Be” which, among providing free advertising for Big Pharma, said, “when we poke ya, well we know you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be safe from covid infecting ya.” 

The government lied to the American people via every tool available in order to convince them to get the vaccine, this clearly places their interests apart from those of their citizens. The government poses a monopoly on power, military strength, and influence in corporate America including the media. 

Chinese Communism 

While we have covered a wide range of aggression from the Chinese military, in particular throughout Southeastern Asia. Creating long-term encampments along the border with India, leading to the largest deployment of military force in recent history by both countries. Violating Taiwan’s national airspace by flying 28 military aircraft through it in early June. Threatening Japan that “they will regret it” if they join the United States in defending Taiwan. Occupying the Whitsun Reef with an armada of private vessels manned by maritime militia, only to name a few of the aggressive actions taken since Biden’s inauguration. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and especially their economic prowess, is a creation of the United States’ storied history of failed foreign policy. The social constructionists who created the plan took the opposite approach as they did in the Middle East, with arguably a worse outcome. The plan of providing economic liberalization to China, with the idea that democratization would follow, only enabled their totalitarian state to offer their oppressed subjects a better standard of living than they could have ever dreamed up under pure communism. This provided stability to the regime rather than serving to undermine it in favor of a western-style of government. The United States is Dr. Frankenstein, and we created the monster terrorizing southeast Asia. 

The nation four times the population size of the United States has now become tired of being regarded as second class and is looking to knock off the leader.  To do this, the CCP has launched an offensive on every new battlefield that has emerged in the 21st Century. The Chinese have taken aggressive actions to become the preferred trading partner with countries all across the globe and have been immensely successful in the last two decades. 

China’s cyber warfare capabilities also pose an existential threat to the workings of American society. Whether it is ransomware attacks against infrastructure, corporate espionage, or the mass theft of American’s identity, China has the ability to disrupt American life in any number of ways. Last week, Ge Songtao, a Chinese national was sentenced to 42 months in prison for trying to steal U.S. Military Secrets for aircraft and engines. 

There are other threats including inflation, Big Tech censorship, Big Pharma’s manipulation of viral outbreaks, etc, but these both only further the two big threats we face–our own government and the CCP. This is why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Although the First Amendment is what defines the American way of life, it would not be possible to maintain it without defending it via the Second.

Survival Dispatch is dedicated to educating anyone who wants to be prepared for everything. Our expert advice, situation-specific blogs, and tutorial YouTube videos provide you with all the information you need to thrive whenever SHTF. 

In Other News

5 Headlines You Might Have Missed

  1. Douglas County reportedly tallied 26,000 votes for Biden and 0 for Trump. We will cover this on Friday. 
  2. The White House admitted they were flagging content for Facebook to label as disinformation as part of their campaign to limit its spread. 
  3. Bill Gates has joined forces with George Soros to buy a Covid-19 test manufacturer for $41 million. 
  4. Boris Johnson, who has both had Covid-19 and received both shots required to be considered “fully vaccinated,” is quarantining after being pinged by the NHS app, illustrating that there is no way out of this Pandemic if we follow the politicians. 
  5. 180 Journalists at major publications, mainly in America, were among those that the surveillance state was spying on, raising concerns about Civil Rights, privacy, and freedom of the press. 
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