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SDI Vol. 4, Issue 6: Perimeter Protection



Your home is your castle, they say. It’s where you usually let your guard down at night to get some rest. It’s where you keep most everything important to you.
But just like the castles of lore, your home or retreat needs to be protected whether you are there or not, regardless of if the grid is up or down. Is your home a target of opportunity or a fortress of solitude capable in its defense? In this issue of Survival Dispatch Insider, we will dig deep into Perimeter Security.
From the application of various lighting configurations to blind others while extending your view to defining your perimeter and channeling intruders right where you want them. We will offer the framework to help you prepare a layered security plan suited to your specific needs. We’ve got you covered. Your hard-earned possessions need to be properly secured, or you’re only holding them until someone comes along who wants them more than you do.
The jackals have taken to the streets, sometimes they prey in packs, and sometimes they prey alone, but either way, there will be prey. Will it be you?
Check out this month’s packed issue of Survival Dispatch Insider and lock that stuff down before they come.


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