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SDI Vol. 2, Issue 7: The Food Foundation

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If there is a cornerstone to prepping, it’s food.

Being able to feed ourselves and our family is the primary reason to prep. It’s not as sexy as guns and gear, but you can bet that everyday you’re alive, you’re going to want to eat. And you’ll quickly reach a point where you have to eat if you’re going to keep going.

Use the advice contained in this edition to expand and improve your food system.

And if you haven’t yet formulated one, use it as a guide to get you going. Because remember, you will need to eat every day. It’s the one part of your preps you can be assured you will use. Food can even come into play with a personal disaster. It may not be the end of the world that causes you to use your preps, it’s far more likely to be the end of your world.

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