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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 3: Hunting, Fishing, & Trapping

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Here at Survival Dispatch, we strive to bring you the best information we can in order to help you weather any storm you may find yourself in. With that said, we also want to provide you useful information for everyday life. After all, we do not presently live in a state of emergency. We must pursue our passions and find leisure activities we enjoy.

And it’s even better if we can combine our leisure activities with our prepping.

That’s why this month is all about HUNTING, FISHING, AND TRAPPING. These are valuable skills, necessary skills, to have should we find ourselves in a long-term survival situation. But they also add value to our daily lives. These activities give us a chance to get outside and spend time in our natural, native environment. And it gives us the gift of spending time with young ones away from computers, phones, and game consoles.

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