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SDI Vol. 2, Issue 2: Communications

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MANY PLAN ON GOING IT ALONE IN A SHTF SCENARIO. However, the reality is that any help is welcome when your life is on the line. There are fire, paramedic, and supply services in place to help when disaster strikes, but communication is critical.

You need to know when it is safe to leave your home, when help is coming, and how to get to that help. And as we established in the last issue on community, you need to be able to talk to your tribe.

WHICH BRINGS US TO THIS MONTH’S FOCUS: COMMUNICATIONS.  In this month’s Insider, you learn how to get started with ham radio, how to get the best communications gear for your dollar,

how to use second line comms, the best ways to share information off the grid and more.

Communications is an often overlooked aspect of preparedness, but after reading this issue, that won’t be you!

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