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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 2: Next Steps in Ham Radio



In the February 2018 edition of the Insider we covered what you needed to do to get started on a comms plan. How to get your ticket, (I don’t want to hear, I don’t need a ticket because when the SHTF no one is going to care), you need your license so you can learn how to use your equipment. We also reviewed some radios as well as numerous other articles on communications. Communications is a vast topic and you will see more coverage on it.

In this edition of the Insider we’re going to talk about what to do with that gear. You never know when you will need your comms and in this edition, we also cover communication methods that do not use radios. In the military you often hear the phrase, shoot, move, and communicate. Comms are so important that the military considers it one of the three primary things you need to be successful in a conflict. When you also consider the fact that the .Gov has a kill-switch on cellular networks, the internet and even landline phones, it should scare the hell out of you. South Africa is currently going through very troubling times. The government there just terminated over 2,500 HAM licenses. While those radios can still be used, it is now illegal for the operators to do so.

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