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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 10: Vehicle Preparedness



With the shape of the Global World-changing, many of us are starting to think of survival equipment. We have bug-out bags, essential camping tools, guns and ammunition, and freeze-dried foods. But having said all that, if you needed to “bug out” what means of transportation would you use?

The initial move is trying to figure out why you need a bug-out vehicle? Where is your base of operations, city or country? What kind of climate are you in, does it snow, prone to flood, near Tornado alley, prone to Hurricanes or Earthquakes?

Depending on your needs, you can turn any vehicle into a bug-out vehicle. Now, most of us are not independently wealthy, and the thought of buying a bug- out vehicle can seem overwhelming, and you may put off your decision. But there are reasonable alternatives. Your bug-out vehicle can also be your daily driver, which means after you decide on a tactic for a vehicle bug out, you can narrow your choices and begin to bring into focus what vehicles you should consider.

Would you be able to keep fresh food, drinks, critical medicines that require refrigeration? Ice will be a commodity at this time. One observation I have witnessed are the waiting lines at times like these, for food and clothing, when electricity, communications, and fuel are not available.

Do you have communications gear, such as GMRS, FRS, HAM Radio? Do you know how to use it? The time to learn about radio gear is not during a disaster but before it. So do your research, and study now, and consider a ham radio license for example.

How long can you sustain yourself at any location? Can you run basic electronics, and a fridge and keep your battery charged? Can you do it without a generator? Do you know a little bit about solar power?

One can slowly integrate all these items into your bug-out vehicle and budget.

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