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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 4: Surviving a Plane Crash



In our modern world, air travel is now commonly undertaken with no more thought than that
of stepping onto a bus – except no one rummages through your pockets, takes X-rays of your person and possessions and treats you as a criminal. But I digress. Around eight million people
fly commercial flights every day, and that’s not taking into account private planes or military aircraft. Think about that for a minute. That’s like the entire populations of LA, Chicago, and San Antonio getting on planes.

And nearly all of them do so with no more planning or thought than going to work on a typical day. While air travel is the safest form of long-distance travel, accidents do happen. We’re watching the investigations of a couple at this very moment. One was an Amazon transport, and the other was the newly infamous Boeing 737 Max. Fortunately for the former, only the crew were aboard, or the loss of life would be far worse.

Even those of us who plan and prepare will throw hands up and say, “Oh well, the TSA won’t let me take anything,” and board our flight. In this edition of the Insider, we’re going to provide you some valuable information that, while highly unlikely, may one day save your life. That’s what we do here at Survival Dispatch, offer you the information to make a difference in a moment of crisis and surviving a plane crash is one hell of a crisis!

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