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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 6: Bartering – Part 2



In the first edition on the bartering series, we gave you plenty to think about on what to store, how to conduct trades as well as security considerations. But, as was stated more than once in that edition, there is a lot to bartering. In this second edition, we’re going to try and round
the topic out to ensure you’re in the best position you can be when it comes time to make those trades.

In this edition, we’ll discuss those items that will probably disappear the fastest as well as ways to make trades when you have nothing on hand to trade with. Just because you’re empty-handed doesn’t mean you can’t make a trade. There’s more to bartering than meets the eye. Not only that but, one could actually prosper under such conditions if they are properly prepared.

When the U.S. was settled, people needed things, and they had to get creative as to how they solved some of those needs. As more people moved west, entrepreneurs came with them seeking to make their riches, as well as providing services and products for those settlers. You too can become a bartering entrepreneur. So, sharpen your pencil, put on your thinking cap, and get creative with this final edition on bartering.

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