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Prepping For A Mugging While Traveling

by Grayman

If you’re traveling abroad (or just out of town) how would you survive an event where your ID, credit/debit cards, money, keys, etc were all lost or stolen?

Think worst case scenario. If you’re following us, odds are you’ll be prepared for this. You’d have back up docs and cash in your hotel room, you’d have stashed your wallet in your front waistband, or have taken precautions to avoid the incident but let’s say the worst has happened you had a heart attack, your belongings were stolen by a passerby while you were incapacitated. What do you do next?


🗂 File a police report. (Makes it official, necessary for subsequent steps, could recover property or bring justice)

🗂 Visit a consulate or embassy. (Assists in obtain temporary identification, passport, returning home)

💳 Contact bank. Freeze cards. Request emergency wire transfer. Have a new card issued.

🗂Contact family. Request a money transfer. (Have 2 emergency contacts that known you’re out-of country. Memorize their phone numbers)

🗂 Initiate a fraud report. Alert the 3 credit bureaus. Notify Social Security Administration.

🤦‍♂️ Learn from your mistakes.

📱 In the event your phone is stolen, make sure you keep it password protected. Don’t just use biometrics like a fingerprint or face recognition. (not to be morbid but if you are attacked or killed, they still have those easy methods of hacking your phone and causing further damage to your family since your phone pretty much gives them access to your finances, bank, emails, ID, etc). If your phone isn’t stolen, make sure you know how to use your phone in a survival situation. The Grayman Briefing has written an entire guide on smartphone hacks for SHTF. Get it here.

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