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Protecting Your Communications Equipment From an EMP

by Survival Dispatch Staff

We’ve talked in the past about the potential dangers of a weaponized EMP attack or naturally occurring solar flare hitting our power system. In fact, we devoted our entire first issue of the Insider to that topic.

With this issue on communications, it’s important that we revisit how to protect your equipment from an EMP.

Owning still-functional communications gear in the aftermath of an event will provide you and your community with a massive advantage.

Electronic gear

Being able to access multiple sources of electronic intelligence, as well as the ability to communicate with your fellow survivalists could be the key to successfully navigating a wide ranging grid down scenario.

So how do you go about protecting your important gear?

In many cases the answer is a Faraday Bag.  These are inexpensive solutions that can protect all of your personal devices from outside threats.

What is a Faraday Bag?

Sample faraday bag

Faraday Bags have been developed based on the principles found in the development of the faraday cage.  This invention was created by Michael Faraday in 1836 and was designed to disperse electromagnetic pulses or fields.

A Faraday Cage can be created by constructing an enclosure built with sheets of conductive materials, or by creating a continuous cage of conductive materials.  When an electromagnetic pulse hits the cage, it is easier for the pulse to travel through the conductive materials than it is to pass into the interior of the cage.

The nature of the cage protects devices and people inside from radio waves or even from lightning bolts.  It also prevents devices inside from transmitting outside of the cage.

A Faraday Bag is simply a smaller, more portable version of a Faraday Cage.  It works in exactly the same way.

It can block an EMP blast from frying your electronics, or can protect them from a lightning strike.

How Should I Choose One?

faraday bag

First and foremost, choose one that is large enough to fit your devices.  These bags come in all different shapes and sizes, so you should either take some measurements or test the bag out before you buy it.

The second point to make on these bags is that each one is designed for a certain range of frequencies.  Not all of them block the same types of radio and electrical waves.  Depending on the frequency and power of an EMP blast or a solar flare, the bag may or may not work.

In addition, each one of your devices transmits on a specific frequency. You have to be sure that the bag you choose will block your particular device.

To test your bag simply put your phone inside and try to call it from another phone.  If the bag is working, it should go straight to voicemail.

Next, try to message your phone on Facebook or another platform that relies on internet data.  Again, if the message does not go through then the bag is working.

EMP Protection

As part of your prepping, you may want to have a large bag set aside with items specifically for the possibility of an EMP attack.  In the event of a grid shutdown, cell towers and power plants would be fried.  This means you need stand-alone electrical devices in your bag.

Motorola walkie-talkie

Some good options to consider instead of a cell phone would be a two-way radio, solar charger and battery pack.  A set of walkie-talkies would still work fine if they were in your bag.

You’ll also want a handheld Ham radio unit, a small scanner and a solar/crank powered weather radio.

Final Thoughts

Just having a few inexpensive devices in a protected area could make all the difference when everybody else is completely without technology.

These inexpensive bags come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the one that perfectly fits your needs.  Take the time to do some research, read some reviews, and make sure you are prepared.

In the end, I can assure you that you will not regret your decision to make an investment in a Faraday Bag.

We recommend the SurviveTek Faraday Bag Combo Kit as it includes both small device and large device bags tested to exceed mil-spec standards.

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